The 2012 Obligatory Halloween Photos ...

... for Matt and the grandparents of course!

Here they are in all their glory ... The Pirate, the BatGirl, and the CRANKIEST BatBoy you've EVER met!  No seriously.  It took SEVERAL minutes just to get him calmed down enough to snap these two photos.  I mean, really?  Who cries over getting FREE candy? 

Batman was apparently THE costume of the night.  I'd say you couldn't tell the boys apart, except mine was the one whining over absolutely everything.

In all, another fun night.  Thankfully I walked around with a large, red SOLO cup, and was able to get it "filled" at several houses along the way.  When you're out in mid-40 degree temps, you gotta love the "treats" for the parents as well! 


Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Great pictures. I love the Red Solo cup deal. We live in Utah. I don't think anyone would fill mine with what I would want... :)

Have a great day.

Shannon said...

Did the cranky batboy calm down when he started receiving candy? I had a very unhappy spider one year until around the 3rd or 4th house when the lightbulb suddenly went on and then he was running from house to house begging for more candy.

The Red Solo cup is brilliant but now I am humming that song. UGH. Make it stop.

Betsy said...

They are so cute! I had one little guy come to my house who seemed very unsure of the whole thing. It would make sense if I was his first house, but I am mid-way down a very long street. I don't think he even wanted the candy.

For the first time in my Mommy career I stayed home while my kids went out alone with the neighbor kids. I was both happy and sad. It was way cold here, but at the same time I missed everything!

Kat said...

Very cute! I love the pic of all the kids on the porch. :)

My kids were kind enough to keep handing me candy from their buckets. So thoughtful. ;)

Issa said...

Batman and Captain America. Every single little boy under 5. heh.

Nomads By Nature said...

I love that all of your neighborhood kids will get together for the group shot! Sounds like Batboy was just having a bad night like we all do sometimes. Hope his morning after brought on a smile.

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