All In The Family

JUST like his older sister, who had her first rock climbing experience at the VERY same age ... Grady hated it.  HATED it.

Sure, he has that sh*t eating grin on his face in these photos.  But after climbing up a few feet, he realized how high he was.  And. That. Was. It.

Hello meltdown!  Aren't you glad mommy caught this on video?

But it's Uncle Randy's "thing" that he does with my kiddos.  After introducing them to the sport back in 2008, he's taken them climbing almost every time we've seen him.  

As for the girlies?  They had a BLAST.   This was the highest wall they've climbed.  And they truly did rock it!  Pun intended.

Riley climbing

Sheridan climbing


Betsy said...

Grady is truly so adorable! So, I have always wanted to go rock climbing, but I am afraid I would have the same reaction. ;)

Raylene Ventura said...

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