The Sun Is Shining. The Birds Are Singing ...

... and you know what that means, right?  My in-laws are going home todayIt's Halloween.  The kids are all FINALLY back in school!

Yup.  They've been stuck here at home for the past two days.  Wreaking havoc.  Causing mayhem.  Annoying the ever-loving cr*p out of me.  My very OWN perfect storm.

We weathered the hurricane just fine ... with only one major leak.  Of course, it's in the same spot as the leak I had LAST year ... that they apparently didn't fix.  Go figure!

It started when the water came in through the roof, in the front of the house above Sheridan's room.  It dripped out the vent from her ceiling as well as behind her wall, causing the baseboards and the carpet to become drenched.  It then made its way down to the first floor, where it did the exact same thing (soaking the ceiling, walls, and hardwood floor).  And then it went down one more level into the basement. 

Looking on the bright side, if there was ever a good thing that could come out of this ... it's that it's a recurring leak.  Which means that the builder is responsible to fix it, not my insurance company, since we are far past our one-year warranty.

Thank goodness for small miracles.


Kat said...

Bah! At least the builder has to fix it, right?

And yay for back in school and in laws back at home! WHEW!! It's a Halloween miracle. ;)

Betsy said...

So glad you came through the hurricane fine. We had three days of rain and wind. I was so over it by the time it was finished! We have a giant roof leak that luckily the military will have to fix.

Enjoy your in-law/child free day! :)

Mom24 said...

Not such a small miracle. :) Hope they step up and don't make you jump through a bunch of hoops.

Issa said...


I'm glad it's a small thing and that the rest of your house came through okay.

Daniela Swider said...

Oh, man, that blows! Hope they fix it for real this time.

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