The FS BRU ... The Submissions Were Few. But The Stories Were Grand. And Yes, There WAS Vomit!

I MUST be longing for a little bit of travel as it took me three weeks to realize that the optional talking point for today's edition of the FS BRU is quite similar to one from many months ago. I'd say, "oops", but I actually enjoy reading everyone's adventures, and living vicariously through my friends abroad ... so we'll just chalk it up to summer insanity and my head being in the clouds after my daughter's surgery.

If you've been here long enough, you know that a majority of my family's travel stories include an over abundance of pictures, utter chaos, and of course, vomit. Frankly, it wouldn't be a Perlman family vacation without it. In fact, the first question people now ask us once we return from a trip isn't, "Did you have a great time?" It's, "How many puke bags did Sheridan use?" Which, if you read my update from my latest trip to South Bend, Indiana, was only one ...

But this week, I'm going spare you my details. I'd much rather hear about YOU. And what you've been doing and seeing around the world. With this shortened edition to the round up, I hope you'll make a visit to these bloggers and enjoy a good laugh, a good cry, and a lot of head nodding ... as we can all probably relate to their stories!

Erica's work trip through a travel restricted area of Uganda did not end as expected. Ironically, it wasn't the AK-47 wielding Karamajong that were the issue. Their failed trip left her and a group of Pokot girls who had escaped a horribly cruel tribal practice extremely disappointed.

Spectrummy Mummy is going on R&R soon and hopes that they have better luck than this! For anyone flying with children, this is a MUST read ... with tissues!

Yesterday a VERY kind US Postal worker allowed my 3 year old to use the employee bathroom after witnessing him dancing and prancing around the lobby screaming, "I have to make a doody!!!" He even shut down his window (at the Dulles USPS facility, where a lot of the pouch mail is processed) to escort us. Reading this from In Flight Movie, after our experience yesterday made me crack up!

While I love my Wegman's, just looking at this grocery store in Austria has me salivating. And it isn't JUST for the espresso bar. Hello gorgeous! As The New Diplomat's Wife shows us, sometimes you CAN go back to a previous posting ...

Chela heeds her own advice while traveling through Europe with kids in tow.

And Alexis reminds us that those with kids SHOULD at some point travel solo ... to which I loudly scream, "Amen Sista!"

Being out of India for a few years helps me appreciate Daniela's travels to Jaipur ... what fun little trips down memory lane!

Kristin's list of great FS travel stories is short (uneventful), but since she grew up a bit of everywhere, her career travel story (issue) list is long!

Ever fear of being THAT ugly American? Um ... Nomads By Nature did too. And then it happened!

Traveling with kids in the FS can often be a headache ... but as we know, traveling with animals has become quite the challenge. Thankfully Sarah's dog Scarlett made it back here relatively unscathed ...

The Foreign Service sure is a small, SMALL world ... as Lynne at Like nomads, but with more stuff quickly finds out!

Kids are resilient ... and Sara at wife-mommy-woman recognizes how lucky she really is!

The next edition of the FS BRU will be out on Friday, September 21st, and the optional talking point is ... your "signature."

While many of the participants of the FS BRU are new bloggers, it doesn't necessarily mean they're new to the Foreign Service. I thought it would be fun to see where people are located now as well as where they've previously been.

Here's what I'm looking for. Send me ...

* Your blog name (and link)

* The name you want me to use in your blog. Some people are anonymous and only want their blog name, some are okay with just their first name, and some are okay with their first and last name. However you would like me to refer to you ... be specific and let me know.

* Your current and previous posts ... with the year(s) you were there

Send this to thefsroundup@me.com by Monday, September 17th.

Until then ...

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