Webster's Definition of DISGUSTING ...

He hopped on the potty.

Grabbed both sides for dear life and pushed out the poopies.

Before I could even wipe his butt, he sat up and popped that thumb right in his mouth.

In the PUBLIC restroom.  The grocery store restroom.

And yes, I took a picture.  He's finally sitting the "right" way

But, who has a vat of sanitizer to lend me for the future?


Betsy said...

My husband would suffer PTSD if he saw this post. I can handle these things a little better, but public bathrooms do freak me out a bit.

Issa said...

Think of it this way: he's boosting his immune system. He'll be the healthiest adult ever. (this is what I tell myself, as well as...boys are gross.

Anonymous said...

Ok it may be gross, but the photo is adorable!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Now THAT'S a picture that your family will cherish forever (or at least when his girlfriends come to visit).


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