Happy Mother's Day to All ... And to All A Good Night.

Well I'm not earning any Mother's Day Awards ... but I sure am earning a big ole break when Matthew returns home in a few weeks. Yes sirreeee, you will have bath duty, time out duty, bed making duty, laundry duty, and sole poopy diaper duty,for the next 8 weeks, so bring the nose plugs back with you because transitioning to milk kinda stinks!

Nothing like changing sheets at 2 am for a pee pee accident, consoling a munchkin at o'dark thirty over a broken alarm clock that was inadvertently knocked off the night stand, or dealing with a dog who rolls around in cr*p mere minutes before you want to go to sleep, to realize this alone thing really is a full time job! Though I will say that aside from ... dealing with the incessant issues with the car, having two dental appointments this week for my botched root canal, preparing for our pack-out in 3 weeks, School Board commitments, not having a driver for part of this week, late night calls with So. Cal rental agents while struggling with renting a place for the year... we ARE managing quite well ... even if there have been a few tears and fits.

We took a tuk tuk to a lovely Mother's Day brunch today. We have a rental car, but it was far easier to hire 'my guy' to pick us up and take us where we wanted to go. The girls loved it.... despite Sheridan's balloon popping the second we got in the tuk tuk to go home. Note to self... you know you hate balloons. Next time, leave them in the restaurant!

And Sheridan had a little Mother's Day performance on Friday. I always laugh when I stand back and look at the parents from the kids perspective. Holy performance anxiety batman!

As you can see, the kids drew pictures of how they view their mothers. Clearly Sheridan's telling me that I need to lose a little more weight, reduce the tarantula eyes, and lay off the blush.
Oh yeah, and I obviously need a new hairdo.

My goal for the future ... to one day have 5 fingers ... and feet.
And arms too, though I know that's pushing it.

Happy Mother's Day to all. May the force be with you!


Christy said...

So sweet - that drawing, I mean. Total bummer about solo parenting so long (now, and later this year)...I can't even imagine. I'm sitting here crying because I'm having such a tough time with two kids while Matt is at work - half an hour away! You make me blush. I need to change my perspective and get ahold of myself, clearly!!! Love the tuk tuk photo - sooo cute!

Emily said...

Happy Mother's Day! What an adventure your life is!

Mom24 said...

Happy Mother's Day. You deserve a huge break. I think you're nothing short of heroic, I can't imagine HAVING to handle everything myself, I often do, but it's a big difference when you know there's no choice involved.

Kat said...

Oh yeah. You DESERVE a HUGE break. Like a solo vacation to WHEREVER you want to go! Seriously! Whew! You must be exhausted.
Love the photo! And I love the pic of you. So cute. :)

Happy Mother's Day!

Robin said...

So have you booked your "mama needs a break" spa getaway yet?

Hang in there kiddo. You rock. Seriously.

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Ramit Grover said...

You are very courageous. Doing all that alone is a feat.

Happy Mommy day! ;-)

Jill said...
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