What A Week...

I'm in the midst of packing for another family vacation, and just realized that it's been almost a week since I've posted any gratuitous baby photos or given an update on the latest. Lucky for y'all, I'm frantically rushing around for our early morning departure, so I'll keep this brief.

The few highlights from this past week ...

* We spent last weekend at Fisherman's Cove, a beach resort just south of Chennai. We enjoyed a fabulous two days of frolicking in the surf, lounging by the pool, and good company.

* We celebrated Matt's birthday on Monday and went to a new Tex Mex restaurant for what I would consider, an awesome meal of fajitas, burritos, and nachos. And the best part? The bill was only $14.75... though I would gladly have paid more. He was worth at least $15.

* We bid adieu to dear friends who left Chennai on Friday and went back to the States for their home leave and language training. It's always hard to say good-bye when your friends become your virtual family.

* Matt got HR paneled, which means that everything is moving forward and we're now eligible to get our travel orders processed / completed for our impending June departure.

* Watching the little guy stand up in the middle of the room all on his own. Thankfully he's not quite ready to walk, though I need to start thinking about baby proofing.

* We sold our car on the local economy! Despite full disclosure of its prior 'issues', the Indian national was willing to purchase it for our asking price. We're now waiting for all of the approvals, which should come in just around the time of our departure.

* We've already received over $200 for my fundraising project. There's still plenty of time to donate.... either by check or PayPal. If you need instructions, click here...

We're off tomorrow morning for a mini vacation... and this time we're taking the train! Wish us a little bit of sanity as we travel for 7 hours by train and then 2 hours by car to get to our resort. Let's hope we don't encounter any vomit... fingers crossed.

Have a great week!

Oh yeah, if you're interested in reading any other Foreign Service blogs and finding out what others deal with at their posts all over the world, go here... Kolbi puts together an impressive weekly round-up of State Department blogs. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Kudos on your fundraising! I am doing my own new project for charity so I'm a bit tapped out ... but I hope you reach your goal!!

Yay for the dude standing!

DOUBLE yay for selling your car!

Good on you for a great weekend and Tex-Mex dinner (I'm jealous!)

How's that wine supply holding out??

Jen said...

Look at your little guy...so cute and so big! Have fun!!

Mom24 said...

He's definitely going to be walking before you know it.

Have a wonderful trip. Squeeze them in while you can, right?

Anonymous said...

Your son is GORGEOUS. Am I allowed to say that a little boy is gorgeous? Because he is.

And you and your daughters are gorgeous, as well. Truly... gorgeous.

You guys are just the most breathtakingly lovely family. What great pictures!

Hope you have fun on your mini vacation! And congratulations on selling your car!

Christy said...

Love these photos and hope you're off having fun on your vacation! You need to post that train toilet picture on here upon your return! Hysterical! Glad to hear you're making money for your goal too - woohoo!

Nomad said...

Oh Jill, Little Grady belongs on the cover of every magazine in existence! Keep these awesome photos coming. Oh and that's one heck of a cool cake you made for Matt!

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