I Am Humbled

Over the past two days I have received a couple hundred e-mails via my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and directly to me in response to our big announcement. I am overwhelmed with the amount of encouraging e-mails, sweet notes, and well wishes. I am amazed with every one's concern. Words can't begin to describe our appreciation for the support.

Of course, I received all of them on my iPhone as our internet has actually been down since Tuesday. Not exactly the best time for the modem to cr*p out... though not surprising one bit. Go figure! Lucky for me, I had the first blog post written last week, so all I had to do once we received the official word, was to get onto my blog and send it out. But e-mailing and web surfing on the iPhone? It must be done sparingly as even MY thumbs are too big to type on that little screen.

As I attempt to respond to everyone who took the time to e-mail me now that my e-mail is FINALLY back up again, please forgive me if it takes a few days. I'm emotionally drained ... but still seeing the light.


Anonymous said...

You'll be blogging from there too, right?

Mom24 said...

I've been thinking of you so much. Hoping you're happy.

Christy said...

No worries about responding to my emails - we'll be chatting soon, I'm sure!!!

Tenakim said...

Oy- just catching up. How are you finding the time to get to BlogHer. Forget it- I don't care. You deserve it. We need to meet up. We must exchange phone numbers. MUST.

3 Peas in a Pod said...

WOW I'm so happy I decided to catch up with you today. Lots going on in your world. I hope you never get tired of hearing this but you're an amazing woman Jill. If anyone can do this, it's you.

So happy for both you and Matt. Well you know what I mean. Wish you were going to be together for the year but you two will make it work.

Much love from NJ,

Brooke S. said...

Well, add me to the pile of well wishers. (But not "to be responded too" you are good to even try)

You are amazingly strong and this will be yet another Perlman adventure!

Alex said...

Congrats on making a difficult but good decision for your family.

AMIT said...

Great that many people thinks of you.

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