Are We There Yet?

It took eight LONG hours, $80 of gas, and 182 "Are we there yets?" for us to make it to my parents safe, sound, and vomit free! We didn't even get to the freeway in Orange County before Riley asked if we were close to Bubbie and Zadie's. Not wanting to discourage her, Matt repeatedly told her, "yes, we're almost there"... every time she asked. Of course, "almost" just depended on your own interpretation.

The girls watched four movies on the drive; The Sound of Music, Annie (yes, I gave in...), Barbie Mariposa, and Peter Pan. While we had rigged up their own headsets to the DVD player so we didn't have to listen to their movies with them, we still heard them singing all the songs. Riley did a tremendous rendition of, "Doe a Dear" and Sheridan sang, "It's a Hard Knock Life" as only a 3 year old could.

We arrived just before 7 pm, hung out for an hour, fed the girls, and then put them to bed. They need a good night sleep as we have a busy day tomorrow... we're taking them rock climbing!


On another note, I am in a contest to win a brand new bounce house.... just like this! While I want to keep this all to myself... it wouldn't be fair of me not to let you register too. I'm nice that way.

To enroll in this contest, go here! And if you're a blogger and haven't yet signed up on this site, you're completely missing out. Head on over and tell them Jill sent you!


The Mom Jen said...

Sounds like a decent trip, have a blast tomorrow...where ya climbing?

Suzanne said...

Oh "The Secret Sauce"....yeah, I'm one of the original members. They should be reviewing me any day now. I'm not entering for the bounce house because I don't have any little ones anymore. I sure hope you win. But.....how are you going to get the bounce house to India??

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Mom24 said...

Have a great time. You're realing squeezing lots of fun into your vacation. Good for you. I am so glad your trip was vomit-free. It was definitely time ot break that pattern. I can't wait to get some time to check out the bounce house contest. Thanks for the lead.

Simple Answer said...

I hope you win the bounce house. I'm betting any kid in India with their own bounce house will be the absolute shiznit.

San Diego Momma said...

So glad the drive went well. I am scared to attempt a 7-hour drive with my daughters...even with the DVD players! But it's nice to hear it can be done.

(My daughters love Annie and Sound of Music too!)

And rock climbing? Wow! I want to be a cool mom like you!


Tam said...

This giveaway ROCKS

Unknown said...

I will vote for you to get the bounce house... I don't think they will send it to Norway for me.. ; )

mary s. said...

Vomit free = Success! I was never so lucky as a child. And I was obsessed with Annie as a girl! So funny. Some things never change.

Anonymous said...

I just want you to win that bounce house, so you can blog about getting it to India! *snort*

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