It's a Road Trip... Hope Nobody Vomits

Who the heck am I kidding... someone ALWAYS vomits on a Perlman Family road trip. In fact, I don't think we've ever had a vacation without the regurgitation of a breakfast, lunch, or a dinner.

Our next postings will be coming to you live from my parents home in Northern California, where we'll be spending the next 10 days with Bubbie and Zadie. We'll be packing up the family truckster (aka the tricked out Mercury Sable) later this morning and heading up north for the 7 hour drive.

During this trip I'm sure we'll hear the never ending phrase, "Stop it Sheridan...." followed up by, "Mom, Riley's annoying me"... and ending with my useless threat, "You girls better stop this bickering right now or I'm going to pull this car over and... " I never know how to finish this sentence as they're usually screaming so loudly at each other that they can't even hear me... or they're ignoring me and tuning me out. Either way they're not listening.

Matt already rigged up the DVD player, and the girls picked out their first movie for the ride. The Hills Are Alive... with The Sound Of Music. I just hope they want to change the DVD after every movie. Last time I drove with the girls to my folks house we watched Annie 5 times in a row. The sun will NOT be coming out tomorrow... if you get my drift.

Now if only our bags were packed... and the last load of laundry was washed and dried... and the snack bag was ready... and the house was cleaned up ... and well... hmmmm. Maybe we won't be leaving quite as early as I had planned. Don't worry mom, we'll be there for dinner... even if we do have to eat it at 9 pm...


Mom24 said...

Well, you make it sound so fun--and realistic! ;-) Maybe they'll surprise you. Seven hours is an AWFUL long time in the car. Good luck with that. Almost makes me glad we decided to stay local this year instead of going to the ocean!

Simple Answer said...

The DVD in the car is a God send!

Drive safe and I'd say enjoy but maybe survive is better.

The Mom Jen said...

Be prepared, it's been in the 100's for the past 3-4 days and today is going to be the same!

Have a safe, quiet, and barf-free ride. (one can always hope right)!

Deb Brau said...

My parents made us go to sleep after the coo coo clock song when we were kids. I didn't know about the war part of that movie until I was at least 11!

On our drive to San Diego and back last week the kids watched
Bee Movie - 5 times
Muppets in Space -2 times
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire 2 times
Monster Trucks

Can I suggest earphones for the girls?

Unknown said...

7 HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOURS!?! My kids are good for 2 hours in the car. After that, it's full on screaming and kicking and crying. DVD or not.

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