The Trip Continues

After living the life as a bachelor for the previous 8 days, Matt made his long trek to San Francisco on Friday the 13th. The girls were SO excited to see him that they squealed with delight and wouldn't let go of him the entire night. We then spent Saturday shopping for a DVD player, hanging out with my cousin Janis, and eating a fantastic Mexican dinner at Chevy's. I got to see a few girlfriends earlier in the week and had fun catching up and hanging out with their kidlets.

On Sunday the 15th we made the drive down to Matt's parent's house in Orange County. We left my parent's house around 9:15 am, and after 7+ hours and a flat tire about half-way there, we finally made it.

We've been chilling out, relaxing, eating, shopping, and making plans with family and friends during our stay in Southern California. There's lots planned, so stay tuned...

(The photo below is of me, the girls, and my college roommate/sorority sister Debbie and her boys Theo and Thomas)

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