February Recap

It's been over 2 months since my last Perlman Update and we've been busy! To catch everyone up to speed, let me give a quick recap of February.
  • Baby Jack Fleming decided to arrive a smidge early. He was born on February 4th (his actual due date was mid-March) and had to stay in the hospital a little longer than anticipated. We spent the first few weeks of his birth helping the family out with making/organizing dinners to carpooling. We had planned to throw them a "Welcome to the World" party in mid-March, but due to scheduling conflicts needed to reschedule until mid-May.
  • Riley's 4th birthday was on February 12th.
  • On February 15, Riley & Sheridan's preschool classes went on a field trip to the dentist. They learned about the importance of brushing their teeth so that the cavity monsters won't make holes in their teeth. The hygenist then pointed to her plastic teeth and told the kids that if they don't take care of them that they'd have to get fake ones like her. That went over well!
  • I bought a sewing machine and started sewing lessons. I wanted to make a duvet cover for Sheridan since she'll be moving into a big girl bed once we return from our R&R trip to California in May. My girlfriend Michelle is a fantastic seamstress and really enjoys teaching sewing, so a few of us "signed-up" for her Wednesday morning lessons. She began by teaching us the basics; threading a machine, sewing a straight line, accessories to purchase. The next class we practiced cutting fabric, sewing, ironing. Our last lesson before my parents came to town was on reading patterns. In between lessons I began working on Sheridan's duvet; I decided to do a patchwork design. I finished the front and it looks great!
  • Matt worked on yet another Secretary of State visit. This time he was gone for a week.
Here is the link to Shutterfly to view photos from February and the beginning of my folks visit.



Love to all,
M, J, R, S, & L

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