My Parent's Trip to Israel

My folks came for their annual visit from March 8 - 21. This time they were able to spend some quality time with us and the girls as well as travel throughout Israel. They would stay with us for a few days and then travel around, come back to our place, and then head off again. They saw everything from Jerusalem, to the Golan Heights in the north, Ein Gedi in the desert, Eilat in the south, and even Petra, Jordan.

My parent's first weekend in Israel was spent at the David Citadel Hotel in Jerusalem (the same place that the Secretary of State stays EVERY month...). The girls and I met my folks in Jerusalem Sunday morning and we all spent the day with our cousins Jeremy & Yaara. (photos of them are in the last blog I wrote). We had fun shopping in the Old City, walking around, and eating.

My folks left on Tuesday for their trip up north. They drove to the Golan Heights and stayed at our favorite horse farm and B&B, Vered Hagalil. They saw several sights on their way; Caesarea, Haifa, and even drove around Lake Kinneret. They arrived back before Matt's 36th birthday on Thursday, and we all went out to celebrate at our favorite sushi restaurant.

On Friday, March 16th we drove to Eilat for our whirlwind 4-day trip. We caravaned down with my mom and the girls in my car and Matt and my dad in his rental car. It took about 5 hours (not including stops) to get to Eilat and by the time we checked into our hotel it was around 5:30pm. After unpacking and getting settled we drove to the promenade, had dinner, and then walked around. We got home by 9pm and let the girls sleep together in the pull-out sofa bed. Oh boy was that a horrible idea!!! Sheridan had never slept in a bed, and not only was she taking up too much room, but she also thought that because she was "sleeping" with her sister that it was play time. Au contraire. Sadly, I had to pull her in bed with us as she annoyed Riley too much. Of course, I didn't get a good night sleep either as she slept perpendicular to Matt and me.

The next morning we packed up our cars and headed to the border for our trip into Jordan. Stay tuned to my next blog to read all about it. Until then, here are a few photos from our trip down to Eilat.


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