Splash. Pedal. Dash.

Forty kids participated in our first Embassy triathlon today.  An event that brought families and friends together for a day of physical exertion, mental toughness and camaraderie.  It.  Was.  Awesome!  Not only did everything run like a well oiled machine, but never have I seen a competition where every single person was supporting every single child.  We cheered.  We teared.  We took pictures galore. 

The Perl kids did quite well today too.  Grady didn't complain nearly as much as we had anticipated, and actually came in third for his age group.  Sheridan came in fifth for her age group and was the second girl to cross the finish line.  And Riley, no stranger to the triathlon circuit,  put it all out there and came in third in her age group and was the first girl. 

A great Sunday morning without the iPads ... iPhones ... XBoxes.  

Just pure sweat and perseverance.   

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