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Matt hadn't even been at our new post of El Salvador more than a week before he was approached by our DCM (Deputy Chief of Mission) about planning the Passover Seder.  Nine.  Months.  Away. 

The Jewish Community here is small and secular, with until recently, nobody like our friends from our previous post in Chennai, India who could help plan Jewish Holiday events. 

Over the course of the past several months, the topic of Passover would come up in passing, and I would always acknowledge that if when the time came it was still something the community would want to attend, I would host it.  However, up until four weeks ago, I didn't realize that hosting it really meant, doing all of it myself. 

So, with no time to spare, and a week long vacation out of the country, the Embassy Community Passover Seder of 2015 was on.

With the first and second night Passover falling during Semana Santa (the Holy Week preceding Easter) and all the kids off for Spring Break, we knew most of the families who would attend the Seder were going to be out of town.  Thus, we decided to hold our Seder on the final evening of Passover, this past Friday evening.  

Despite the mad dash of ordering the Matzah and all of the things needed to host the Seder with less than four weeks to plan, the evening turned out even better than I could have anticipated.

With the right combination of Jewish humor and religious piety, our DCM led a beautiful Seder, with over 90 people attending, including the Ambassador.  

Of course, no Seder is complete without Matzah Ball Soup and Manishevitz ... though with the shipping restrictions, I wasn't able to have Gefilte Fish sent in ... much to many's dismay.  As this was more of a cultural affair (Seder 101), we did have our fair share of Chametz and non-Kosher fare.  Which made our potluck dinner all the more tasty.  

We were blessed to have so many friends attend the festivities.  With several helping to set up, and even more staying to clean, dare I admit that I'm already anticipating what a blowout event Passover 2016 will be? 

L'Shana HaBa'ah B'El Salvador.

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Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Looked like a special evening. XO

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