Whoever Said That R&R's Were Supposed To Be Relaxing ...

... has probably never been on an R&R with three kids.  In fact, if up to Matt, I think he would probably re-name R&R to stand for Running & Ragged.  Or Ridiculous Routine. 

There has been absolutely no rest for the weary here since Matt surprised the kids two weeks ago.   In fact, he sincerely believes my weekly schedule is insane.  For the most part, I'd agree.  But I like keeping busy as it makes the time fly by.

To bring you all up to speed, here's how we've whiled away the past fifteen days ...

* Matt got a haircut
* Grady got a haircut
* Matt went to the dentist
* Carpooled to the kids activities ... softball practice (twice), dance for each girl (twice), Hebrew   School, Sunday School, gymnastics (twice), and Girl Scouts. 
* Two softball games & softball lunch
* Volunteered in Sheridan's class twice for Word Study
* Spent two mornings "greeting" at the elementary school
* Had Riley's parent / teacher conference
* Schlepped Matt to a teacher appreciation committee meeting and various PTA meetings
* Had lunch with each of the girls at school
* Went to a doctor's appointment with Sheridan
* Took both girls to their orthodontist appointment
* Went to the mall and bought Matt new clothes (as he only came with 3 shirts and 1 pair of pants!)
* Hosted a cocktail party for Sheridan's teacher, principal, and 3rd grade parents
* Hosted a DS Spouse get together
* Hosted a dinner for friends from previous posts
* Got a babysitter and went out to dinner three separate times
* Went apple picking
* Hired a professional photographer and took family photos
* Sent ALL the kids to a friend's house for a sleepover
* Drove to DC where Matt and I both had meetings at State Department Headquarters

On the fifteenth day we rested.  Almost ...

 Well, at least we got pedicures!  Matt chose purple.  He wanted to surprise his girlies.  
He'd do ANYTHING for his girlies.

And a few more gratuitous photos of our insanity over the last few weeks ...

 Apple Picking in Purcellville

 Pictures taken with my iPhone in between takes with the professional photographer.  
Let's hope hers come out even HALF as cute as mine did! 

I told Matt that by the end of his visit I wanted him to appreciate all that I do and acknowledge that I'm not sitting around eating bon bons.  Thankfully it took him only a few days to concede that it's FAR easier to protect his post from terrorists than it is to be a SAHM. 

I'm sure he's looking forward to going back to Afghanistan for a break ...


Daniela Swider said...

OMG - you guys are going 1000 miles an hour. I am exhausted just reading about it. Loved Matt's purple nails. And the family pictures are adorable!

Issa said...

Okay I have to ask...does anyone know what a Bon Bon is? Because I sure as heck don't.

Love love love the photos.

Also...purple toes rock!

I hope you guys have a great next few days.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

oh my gosh! could you all be any more gorgeous!!!????? so glad you have this precious family time together-- even w/ all the running around. xo

Christy said...

LOVE these pix. And so glad you're getting a few date nights thrown in the mix. Hope to see you soon!

Issa - Bon Bons were chocolate covered ice cream balls that came in an ice cream pint when I was a kid! I DID used to sit around them eating... :)

Betsy said...

You have such a beautiful family!!! Glad that you all had such a wonderful time during your husband's R & R!

Emily said...

You and your family are GORGEOUS!!!! I love the outfits for your pictures.
Did you have time to breathe in there? So busy! I am glad that you and Matt have had some time to spend just the two of you, that is awesome.

Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robin said...

Beautiful photos!! You guys sure are packing it in, a whole years' worth of normalcy crammed into two weeks. Enjoy your time together!

Anonymous said...

love the purple nails and the non-stop schedule--pack it all in!

Anonymous said...

love the purple nails and the non-stop schedule--pack it all in!

Kat said...

Haha! It is HARD to be a SAHM! Whew! I bet he won't be too sad to get back to work and relax a bit. ;)

Still sounds like you managed to have some fun and lots of quality time. Well done! :)

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