And On The Seventh Day ... She Rested

I picked this cute thing up from camp today. After one amazing week away. Where she was making new friends. Building memories. Growing.

I received one letter from her. Which was far better than her sister's. Of course, that's not saying much. The rookie camp on the other hand, wrote ME every night. Well, all of the parents of our small group. Giving us the play by play of the day. Including and emphasizing what the girls ate for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Remember ... this WAS a Jewish camp, with lots of meshugena parents probably concerned that their babies were eating a proper meal!

When I picked her up from camp I was met with hugs, kisses, and kvelling from the counselors. They loved her, just as much as Sheridan seemed to love the camp. As we grabbed the last of the stuff from her bunk, and said goodbye to the director and all her new friends, she asked me to sign her up for the three week session next summer. Oh, and to take her straight to Starbucks.

I did both ... and let me assure you they were worth every single penny.


Issa said...

Whoo hoo three weeks!!! Morgan sent me a letter asking for the same thing. Three weeks next year. :)

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

awesome! so glad it was wonderful! m goes to camp on sun and is dreading it. hope it goes as well as your girls' did. missed you a ton this weekend in NY. xo

Shannon said...

What a wonderful experience.

Just US said...

What a great experience for her!! So glad she enjoyed it and wants to do it all again.

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