We Interrupt Her Regularly Scheduled Meltdowns ...

This is my baby girl. Minutes before they wheeled her into the operating room today. For a surgery that was over three years in the making.

She had her adenoids and tonsils removed. And her turbinates shaved. Which in plain English means that she had virtual liposuction done to the membranes inside each of her nostrils. Because when the turbinates become as swollen as hers were, it's impossible to breathe through the nose.

When the anesthesiologist came into the room before her surgery she told Sheridan that she likes to empower girls and give them their own options of how to "take their nap" during surgery. She said she could walk into the operating room and have the mask put over her mouth and sleep that way. OR, she could have the nurse put the IV in her arm, they'd give her medicine in her IV, and she'd be asleep before they even wheeled her into the operating room. The decision was HERS ...

Sheridan chose the IV ... and impressed the hell out of the doctors and nurses who came in to see her!

The surgery lasted a little over an hour, with Sheridan waking up about thirty minutes after moving to the recovery room. I only said a few words to her before she fell back asleep, and stayed asleep, for the next hour. Actually until only a few minutes before we were discharged.

Of course, with Sheridan's impeccable timing, she managed to wake up and complain of a raging sore throat and utter nausea, just as we were getting ready to go home.

Oh yeah, and then she puked.

And puked some more.

Now, instead of taking out her IV, and getting her ready to go, we were stuck. While they gave her a little more morphine. And a lot of Phenergan.

I said, A LOT of Phenergan. So much so that she did this ...

... for the next six hours. See the shirt she's wearing? Yeah ... couldn't change her before she passed out. So this is how we left the surgery center.

We had some moments of clarity throughout the day. But this is how most of her evening was spent.

When she wasn't trying to make her way to the bathroom to do this. Thankfully we got her back to the couch to relax. And attempt to sleep off as much of the nausea as she could.

Despite feeling as lousy as she does. She's eaten several popsicles. Two bowls of ice cream. About ten bites of her brother's mac and cheese. And sipped one big cup of water.

After deterring her from eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes, with the promise that YES, it WOULD hurt like hell, she's now back to doing this again. Which is so darn sweet to watch until the blood curdling snoring starts. But at least she isn't yelling at anyone.

Oh, and once the swelling goes down, she'll have a totally skinny nose. B*tch.


Anonymous said...

1. Brave girls, you both are!
2. Love your anesthesiologist (sp?)
3. Your kids and the puking ... (kidding, I know this was drugs related, but couldn't resist!)

Hoping for a better Thursday for her and soon, snore-free sleeping and breathing the way she's supposed to be able to!

anymommy said...

Oh wow. Huge day. Hugs mama, she seems fine, how are you doing?

bernthis said...

I had my tonsils out when I was 4 and all I remember is the tons of ice cream I could eat.

Glad she's doing better. She is a trooper. Big hug to her.

Brooke S. said...

What a sweet girl she is!

Shannon said...

Hope she is feeling better soon.

Issa said...

Oh poor baby girl. That seems horrible to me. I am a wuss when it comes to puking. Hope she starts feeling better soon.

Kat said...

Oh that poor girl. And poor you! So stinking stressful. My youngest boy is having eye surgery next Friday. I just want it over with.

Hope she is feeling 100% soon!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Oh - I hope she's feeling better today... Even with all of work being done below her bedroom!

Sadie said...

Poor thing! Hope she feels much better very soon. My mother and I both got great laughs out of the post-Phenergan photos, I must say. What a trooper!

Betsy said...

I so need to have some inner-nose liposuction, but I am chicken! The ENT told me I was a train-wreck.

I am so glad that she is feeling better; she is a very brave young lady! Be sure to report to your doctor the extent puking as it could be an important anesthesia side effect.

Here's hoping the rest of your year is puke-free!!!

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