If You've EVER Wondered Just How Bad ...

... a person could smell after spending 5 hours outside at a swim meet in 93+ degree heat.


I can ASSURE you that it isn't pretty. And there was perspiration in places you'd never want to admit.

BUT ... as you can see from the girls videos below, it was worth it. I'm pretty darned proud. Sheridan shaved 2 seconds off of her time in her freestyle. AND she even won her heat!

Sheridan is in lane 5 ... which is the lane second closest to "us".

And Riley? Well she's been doing double practices this week and working with a junior coach, (a total cutie pie), on her stroke technique for both freestyle and breast stroke. And it paid off! She shaved 8 seconds off of her breast stroke tonight!!

BTW, for those of you who actually watch the video. Look towards the end for the girl in the florescent orange shorts running along the side of the pool. She's the 14 year old who's been helping Riley ... who made sure to meet her at the end and congratulate her when she got out.

We. Love. Swimming.

Riley is in lane #1 ... the lane farthest from "us".


Amy W said...

That is fantastic! Your girls are awesome. :)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

Wow! Would love to see you all SOON! School is out - let's get something on the calendar!

Christy said...

Aww loved them both! What is that building in the background?! It's enormous - a swim club building?! Or a house??


Mommy said...

Are you still hosting the round-up? I'm loving these 10 ten best/worst lists that I'm seeing the past few days about posts but feel like I might be missing some good ones due to blogs I don't know about. It'd be a cool if you did a round-up with people sending these lists in. Just a thought :)

anymommy said...

Wow! Your girls are incredible. I aspire to have my kids swim like this!!

Just US said...

Congratulations Sheridan and Riley!

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