For those of you who saw my Facebook page over the weekend, you know how insanely proud I was of my younger brother Randy ... as he completed the San Diego 100 Mile Endurance Run in just 21 hours and 20 minutes. Consecutively!

My dad and my Uncle Stuart were his crew team, and followed him throughout the route the entire day. They met him at almost every first aid station (when he wasn't running faster than expected), and tended to his hunger, thirst, blisters, sunblock, change of clothes, and more.

His endurance, his motivation, and his dedication earned him 8th place overall, out of almost 200 participants!

Randy's pacer put together this video of him ... a super fun recap of his amazing 21 hour run! Rock on brudda!


Kat said...

That is amazing!!! Seriously. Wow. And he didn't even look like he was breathing hard when he was fueling up. It makes me feel like a major wimp for wondering if I could do a marathon. What an inspiration. And what a cool video! Thank you for sharing it!
And Congratulations to your bro!!!!

Anonymous said...

21:20 ??? Holy mackrel!

I want the playlist that powers a body through 21 hours!

Well done, Randy!

Just US said...

HOLY COW!!! Your brother is super dooper amazing!! Congratulations!!

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