And They're Off ...

At 8:20 am the movers arrived at our house ... and at 4:10 pm they were on their way.

With nary a minute to spare in between.

Our scheduled two-day move condensed into one. Despite only having half the house ready and organized for the pack-out. Because our relocation consultant insisted that we extend the pack-out from my original one-day request to two.

The bottom line? When you've already done two-handfuls of moves with the State Department, and you KNOW exactly how much stuff you have, go with your gut feeling and don't let any relocation consultant tell you what to do. Fight it. You KNOW better.

I knew better. I. Knew. Better. And really, after the movers walked through the house at 8:30 am this morning and told me that our move would be done in half a day, I agreed with them. It would be.

Except now, since I was told I HAD to do it over two days, it meant that I hadn't even remotely given thought to the clothes I was going to pack in our bags to last us the next 8 weeks. Nor had I organized any of the toiletries. Or gone through the important documents and pulled out all the items we'd need to ... you know ... close on the house or enroll the kids in school.

We also had the teensy tiny issue where the relocation consultant kinda, sorta forgot to tell the movers that they would be making an extra stop. At my in-laws storage unit. To grab the bed and side tables for our bedroom. Which now, had to be changed from tomorrow to today since the pack-out / move was condensed to one-day, and not two. Why I bothered to go through all the trouble to get them the information and the approvals only for none of it to matter is beyond me.

Anyway, by 9:15 am the revisions were finally made. By 9:30 am, the four packers began doing their thing. By 2:30 pm they were finished. Five hours is all it took them to pack, wrap, and load the truck. Five short hours to handle everything in our house before moving onto the storage unit, where more time was spent actually signing all the inventory documents than schlepping furniture.

And now it's done. It's finished. It's on the road.

Which is where we'll soon be in five short weeks too.

Now excuse me. I have a letter to write to the relocation consultant and my transportation specialist to discuss the little problem we encountered today. Seriously. My pain, is your gain.

bye-bye stuff ... see you soon!

and speaking of pain ... filtered for your pleasure!


Shannon said...

Glad the packout is over and done, and really would it be a FS move if everything went smoothly?? Happy belated birthday, I hope you got to do something nice for yourself, aside from the self imposed torture on your face.

Christy said...

Well, your eyes look beautiful in that picture at least! Hehehe. Poor you! I hope time speeds up for you these next few weeks! YAY for being packed out and for fixing the glitches as they occurred! You rock Jill! xo

Anonymous said...

Ugh Atlas ... makes me cringe just LOOKING at that truck!

You really do have a successful future career in relocation assistance!!

Mom24 said...

One step closer...

Your eyes really do look beautiful. :)

Kat said...

Thank goodness that is all done with. Whew!
As for your nose. Ouch. :(

Issa said...

You're in the final part of this big ole journey. :)

anymommy said...

Oh my gosh, ouch!! So glad it's packed and on the way, hitches aside.

Emily said...

Oh wow! What a day. I am glad it is all over. I am feeling a badly that we never got together, I should have tried harder.
New Plan: Virginia 2012. We'll do lunch or coffee or something.

Becky said...
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Becky said...

SO excited for you guys to be moving on to the next stage.

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