Can Anyone Spare $8789?

Because that's what the letter that I received from the Franchise Tax Board in the State of California says we owe for 2008 taxes.

Taxes that are to be paid in a State we've haven't worked OR resided in since 2000.

And with a payment due date of less than two weeks away and a "threat" that if it's not paid within thirty days of the date of the notice, that we could have a state tax lien filed, well.... Think I'm a tad stressed? Um... yeah. Especially since this comes on the heels of obtaining a mortgage for our new home, and I don't need anything messing with our credit.

I know we don't owe the money ... nor am I going to pay the money ... but I'm just not convinced that this is going to go away as quickly and swiftly as I'd like.

To compound my frustration, when Matt checked in for his flight from Kuwait to DC today, he ended up paying for his R&R ticket on our credit card due to a HUGE snafu with the Government travel agent. Sadly we've been wrestling with making the correct flight arrangements for several weeks, despite this agent continually making a mess of Matt's entire itinerary, and only a few days ago finally issuing his ticket.

Of course, when he went to get on the plane today, the airline had no record of his paid seat ... and instead only showed a canceled itinerary. Insert my angry face here.

But on a lighter note, I got rid of the red zebra stripes in my hair today, and after two hours in the hair salon, I am now back to my beautiful brunette color. However, I can't show you a picture of my new 'do because then you'd see my nose, and it's still pretty gnarly.

T-minus 12 hours until I see Matt ... in Virginia.

I'm taking the red-eye and will be there for a whirlwind 12 hours ... where we'll sign some papers, solidify the upgrades, and then hop on a flight together back to Los Angeles tomorrow night.

After almost three months apart, I just hope that we can possibly splurge on a little more than McDonald's for lunch tomorrow. You know ... after spending $8789 on back-taxes (that we don't owe), $4000 on an R&R airline ticket (that should have been paid for), and more than we'll admit on our new home ... we're kinda broke.

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