All Good Things Must Come To An End

We have now entered Operation: "Get these tasty treats the HECK out of my house, because my a** about to explode!!!"

In the past four weeks Riley has sold almost 400 boxes of Girl Scout cookies to an amazing amount of State Department Personnel overseas. She has outfitted entire Embassies and Consulates. Sold individual boxes to friends and family. And attached hand-written notes in every package.

But we are nearing the end.

I'm done making trips to the post office. I'm done labeling customs forms. I'm done making thrice-weekly trips to pick up additional cases of cookies.

Whoever wants Girl Scout cookies needs to contact me by March 1 ... or forever hold your peace. I'll send out however many you, your family, your overseas posting would like ... for the next three days.

Want to order cookies, but you don't really want them for yourself? If you're feeling really generous, you can also donate money towards purchasing cookies for those in Iraq, Afghanistan, or Pakistan. I have addresses for people serving there, and I'm sure they'd love a surprise box or two!

Click here to donate via PayPal ... just click "send money" ... put in my email address ... mjperlman@me.com ... and decide how much you want to send. Need a reminder? The cookies are $4 a box. I'll package the cookies and send them out no later than Wednesday.

Want to see the original posting where I give you the breakdown of everything available ... or what to do to order cookies for your overseas posting? Go here ...

My tush, thighs, and stomach are thanking you for ordering!


Connie said...

We are doing our part to help eat the cookies and save your rear! We had a guest over for dinner last night and as soon as we finished our meal, the kids popped up and said "Girl Scout cookies for dessert!" :) I'll send an extra $4 on top of what we owe you for a donation box.

Deb Brau said...

Does Sheridan get a gold patch for that many boxes? ;-P

Christy said...

She better win a gold star or SOMETHING!

Don't worry about when you ship mine - seriously! Just don't eat them yourself. ;-)

I'll send you a paypal donation to ship a couple boxes overseas now too!

I can't find my blog said...

You are a freaking rock star for doing that!!! I would get hives just thinking about sending them to the 3 out of town addresses that I had to when my girl sold them.

Not only that but I'd bet a million that all of those people that you sent them to? Think that you walk on water now!

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