Out With The Old ... In With The New ...

We finished 2010 with a bang ... with our last week spent in Northern California with my family. The kids had fun hanging out with their uncles and grandparents while I managed to do a little solo retail therapy.

We also enjoyed the final days of the year with two of my dearest girlfriends. One had a play-date at her house, and the other had a play-date in San Francisco with her family ... ringing in her last big birthday before the "real" big birthday. Ice skating, hanging out at Pier 39, riding the cable cars, taking BART, and eating loads of junk food all made for a really great day.

As we finish our very first day of the new year, I am reminded of the wonderful things our family accomplished in 2010 ... and overjoyed with the new resolutions, new goals and new dreams that await us ALL in 2011.

Happy 1/1/11

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