Nothing Ceases To Amaze Me Anymore ...

... not even finding out that after 4 days on the antibiotics for my 4th pink eye infection ... that my other eye now has it as well! Which brings us to the 5th pink eye infection in the last month AND has solidified that I'll be on antibiotics for 10 more days. Yay me!

... not even walking outside and finding two of my kids covered in chalk from literally head to toe. And giggling. Oh the giggling.

... not even when we were walking the dog around the block and a bulldog came charging out of a neighbor's house and got into a rockin' dog fight with Libby ... only to have me scream loudly, trip over the *^$#@!%*^%@! dog, and then ... embarrassingly tinkled a tad when I fell backwards. Nobody got hurt too badly ... except maybe my pride.

... not even when the weather over the weekend was so warm that my girls hung out with their friends at the beach ... and Grady and I were able to sit outside and catch some rays at Starbucks.

... not even when I finally had an hour to sew a few things, only to have the thread catch in the bobbin winder three consecutive times, and ultimately blow a fuse. Which then made two of us...

... not even when the girlies picked out my new reading glasses, and I realized that I should have been using them for a long, LONG time.

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