Our Cottage Bungalow. It's Cute. It's Quaint. It's Cozy.

Over the past seven years I've walked you through our previous houses in Oman, Israel, and in India. Though back then I usually had trouble limiting the number of pictures I was going to post due to the expansive size our homes.

This rental house? Not so much trouble at all.

Don't get me wrong. I like it a lot. It's just cozy... which in the real estate business doesn't just mean small, it means, ohmygawdthisplaceissofreakintinyitsinsane.

On a good day, this house is maybe 1000 square feet. Not that I'm complaining too much because, hey, I'm cleaning it myself. But when four people have to go to the bathroom at the same time, I can at least tell one of them to go in his pants... the rest of us have to wait our turn and do the potty dance together.

I took the house sight unseen because after finally deciding what I was looking for (a 9-month lease, fully furnished, had to accommodate the dog, had an attached garage, and was in a community where the kids could ride their bikes), the pickings were very slim. In fact, the only area where I could find a house like this was wayyyyyy down on the Newport Peninsula. Ten miles past BFE. After looking at the realtor websites, Craigslist, and on VRBO, my in-laws ran into a neighbor and local realtor who owned this house and was looking for a winter cycle tenant. When I spoke to her, she said she was thrilled to have a nice family living in her home, and not only did she accommodate all my needs, but she significantly lowered the monthly rent. As it was getting close to our departure time from India, I needed to have everything relatively squared away before our packout and move, and I was sold.

However, I was also sold a small bill of goods.

The house, which was supposed to be a fully furnished 3 bedroom, 2 bath, is not exactly that. Yes, it technically has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, but the third and second are more of a guest house in back. Detached from the house. As in, you have to walk through the kitchen door, go outside, down a step and walk about 6 feet to the door, that you then unlock to go into the third. A room that I'm clearly not having any of us sleep in. Because you can't hear a thing. I was also under the impression that fully furnished meant that the kitchen and bathroom were fully stocked. As in, the kitchen had a variety of cooking utensils, pots and pans, and the bathroom ... well, I'd just be happy if it had two hand towels.

So instead of having room to spread out, I now have the kids all bunking in one room, I'm in the other, and we're sharing a bathroom. It's rather cozy. And I've spent more money this week stocking the house at Target than I probably would have spent if I moved into a year lease and had all my stuff shipped in from India. Bygones.

But at least I only have to clean one toilet. Remember, I don't do toilets.

This is the view when you walk inside the house.
This is the entire house.
Don't blink. You may miss part of the house.
And yes, those are cans on the couches. To keep the dog off.
We leave them on all the time. We're klassy that way.

The kitchen. With my BOB outside.
And my Viking range.
Yes, it is a Viking range. And I am in heaven.

My bedroom. Our bathroom.
Though with the amount of times the kids come into my room at night
I should also classify it as "our" room.

The kids room. They love the bunk beds.
Grady loves sleeping in his pack n' play. He's comfy'ish
Libby has her own area too. Smack dab in the middle of the house.
To watch over everyone. Or coat them in dog hair.


Taiwan said...

I love your Libby.

Emily said...

Wow! It does look nice, and I am in love with your Viking range-it is a thing of beauty.

The seperate room will be good for time-outs. Either for you or the kids...

I can't find my blog said...

Oh, to only have 4 rooms to clean......

Twenty Four At Heart said...

Welcome to the reality of Orange County real estate!
: )

Robin said...

Cozy I'll admit, but lady you've got a VIKING! And the beach. Can't forget about the beach.

Maybe with an intercom (left on?) the room out back could become a playroom for the girls?

My photography is available for purchase - visit Around the Island Photography and bring home something beautiful today!

Anonymous said...

Wait ... cans on couches keep dogs off? Who would have known (or is that some weird thing Libby was trained with as a pup?)

I ask because we are about to cave and adopt a DSD (Delhi Street Dog) and I'd never heard that trick before!

(Your house is teensy, ma'am. Think of how happy your old housekeeper would have been with THAT place!!)

Donna said...

Small, but so cute! We have four bathrooms here. I am seriously considering glueing the doors shut on two of them.

Ramit Grover said...

Envy you, big time, in bold, italicized, capital letters. Love that house. Really, really do.

LeesOnTheGo said...

Yes, cute & quaint. But can we all give a round of applause for Jill? Do you see how gosh darned CLEAN it is?? Pretty good for a gal who's as out of practice as the rest of us!

We're looking to buy in the next year or so so that we'll have a place to park ourselves during DH's CPC tour. My max is 1,200 sq. feet of cleaning. Bunk beds...? You just helped me knock that max down to 1,000. Thank you!

Mom24 said...

It is adorable. I love how bright and clean it is. The kids' room is nice, I love the bunk beds, but I can't believe the realtor rent that to you as a 3 bedroom knowing your situation. That stinks.

Viking range!!! Pretty jealous. :)

June said...

Its looks very cosy! I love having a small apartment here in Denmark, because bis apartments are a havoc for the manicure.
We are sisters in class! My couch is upholstered in the finest quality newspaper or baking sheets on fancy days to keep the dog off it!

Sara said...

Your house it cute! And the viking range? yum.my!

Christy said...

I love everything about this place - except that it didn't come totally furnished for you! Hopefully you got to hit target when the kids were in school at least?! And I'm so impressed that cans keep Libby off the furniture - we have to literally COVER our furniture with other furniture to dissuade Dublin. And even then, he sometimes manages to knock it off to find the softest spot in the house. ;)

Bfiles said...

I LOVE you for posting all your past home pics. I've only seen India and dreaming about FS housing is one of my favorite things to do!

And Omg, I think that cottage is absolutely darling. I would move in there in a heartbeat. I truly think oversized is overrated. More space to clutter and clean. But I am sorry they were not truthful with you, because yea, a detached 3rd bedroom for a single mom w/ kids is a big deception.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

This is an adorable house! LOVE how it is furnished. Am glad you don't get winter snow to make you snow bound and stir crazy!

Can't believe the 3rd BR and 2nd BA are out back!

So, any ideas of how to keep Shadow off our kitchen table???

Daniela Swider said...

The house is very cute indeed. Yes, it is smallish but more manageable that way too. I love the floors. Much easier to clean than carpet. The stove is awesome! And so is the beach. The kids will probably remember sharing a room fondly one day, though I can see how sharing the bathroom could be less than optimal.

It's not cool that the owner misrepresented the house knowing your situation.

Jill Ann said...

We have a smallish house and it is a breeze to keep organized and clean. It is also comfy. Your kids will love sharing a room. My do and night time is their special time to chat and catch up with days events. Enjoy!

Issa said...

hahahaha, laughing at the pack n play. My son spends a lot of time sleeping in his. Next to my bed. Ahem.

It's cute. Small and cramped with three kids, I can imagine..but it's very cute.

Kat said...

It may be small but it is so beautiful! Wow! I love it!

Rach (Mommy Learns to Blog) said...

Definitely cozy, but cozy can be good. And it looks beautiful! Mazel Tov on finally planting your feet somewhere for the next 9 months!

Anonymous said...

It's light and bright and very California cotttagey. That said...

Smackers! That is small. I'll let ya live in my basement...it's bigger than that.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
anymommy said...

You did it up right though, it looks fabulous! I love the cans on the sofas. Classic ;-)

San Diego Momma/Two Funny Brains said...

It's adorable.

And....only ONE toilet!

THAT is everything.

Until you have to use it at the same time.

San Diego Momma/Two Funny Brains said...

It's adorable.

And....only ONE toilet!

THAT is everything.

Until you have to use it at the same time.

Sunny said...

I still haven't got my place ready for pictures so my hat is off to you. It looks really cute and cozy but I hear you about the bait and switch. Our landlord told us there were bed linens and towels and kitchen stuff galore. We got here and found see-through worn out sheets, a few towels, and some mix matching glasses. So we too, have been Targeting. I am trying to get a second HHE to justify buying all this crap.

Sorry about the detached guest room. I would totally put Tiger in there now because he cries all night and I have had it. Guest room? Could you rent it out on the side? Play room. The possibilities are endless.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I can imagine that it's hard to be all on top of each other. It IS super cute though and sadly, that kitchen is bigger and better than the one in my 3 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom 1970's townhouse. Since it's a temporary situation (and you are the only grownup there), it's kind of a good idea to keep things small. Less room for junk to accumulate.

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