It's Not Often Things Surprise Me ...

... but two things happened this week that have helped restore my faith in people. And frankly? They couldn't have come at a better time, for I was really ready to throw in the towel after these latest episodes.

Let me just recap some of the stuff that I neglected to mention...

* The dog had a bit of a tummy issue and took a cr*p IN the house. And not a cute little turd that I could easily scoop up and toss out. No, she had massive diarrhea on the one and only area rug that we have in the house.

* My neighbor invited me to stop by and met a few of her mom friends from the school, which I did and thought that I was chatty and friendly with everyone . However, when I asked one of the ladies if she wanted to get together sometime, she said, "she didn't think so."

* On Monday, I emailed a mom of one of the girls in Sheridan's class and asked her if her daughter wanted to come over for a play date on Wednesday. She waited until late Tuesday evening to tell me that she didn't think it was a good idea, and that maybe we could reconsider next month.

* I was putting together a cheap desk from Ikea, when I wasn't paying any attention to the screw I grabbed and managed to put a nice big hole in the front of the drawer. Of course, it isn't just a small, round hole from the screw. No, this is crumbly particle board, and the hole is the size of a quarter.

* Libby escaped from our yard, and I didn't notice it immediately. OK, I didn't notice it for at least five minutes. Maybe ten. So I had to rush outside to locate her. Which I did. While barefoot. In my PJ's. Without a bra. Two blocks away in the park. Across the street. Where she pooped. And I didn't have a bag.

While any one of these things would have made me see stars, to have them, and the other previously mentioned issues, all happen within the last week was almost too much to handle.

Until these little gems sparkled in the sky .... On Wednesday, Riley had a great play date at her buddy's house. AND Sheridan's shoes were returned to her today.

It's far too convoluted to go into the details of how each of these positive outcomes came to be. So I won't. But I'll show you an excerpt of the email conversation that her buddy's mom and I had after I diplomatically told her what happened.

"I was awake in the middle of the night thinking of the conversation. I do recall (not during our phone conversation because I was so embarrassed) that (her buddy) had told me she was running around following Riley and trying to "keep track of her" or whatever her choice of words were - she took her job very seriously :) (lol)... I remember that I told (her buddy) she did not have to follow Riley around and that if she found other friends to play with that was great but that she didn't have to chase her around and if Riley wanted to play with other girls other than her (and Trish) that was ok too. We just didn't want her to be alone. So, I am partly to blame for the words that (her buddy) chose to use. I am so sorry that Riley had her feelings hurt. That bums me out. Anyhow, it is in the past. Please know that you are welcome to come to me anytime."

When the mom explained the story, I couldn't help but agree that it was entirely a misunderstanding, and what her buddy said to her was NOT what she meant. While I was extremely uncomfortable talking with the mom about this (which I hadn't planned on bringing up, but she called to follow up and find out how Riley was doing), I'm so glad I did. Twenty minutes on the phone and several apologetic emails between us and we're all on the same page. With a birthday party invitation too!

As for Sheridan's shoes, the scenario played out exactly as I had questioned. A father, not knowing what his own daughter's shoes looked like, helped grab his kindergartner's shoes, put them on, and walked out of the skating rink. When the principal (who I told once we noticed the shoes went missing) walked around the school late Thursday holding a pair of the same size shoes that were left behind at the skating rink, someone noticed them. And she tracked down the little girl, confirmed what happened, and called the girls father. Who embarrassingly brought them to school today.

Which was GREAT. Except I had already ordered Sheridan a new pair of shoes.

Just when I thought I was catching a break...


Ramit Grover said...

You're officially the Super Mom now!

Christy said...

Well, hopefully you can cancel the new order, or return them for a larger size?!

I'm SOOOO happy to hear about the misunderstanding with the buddy! And the birthday party invitation.

I SOOOO don't get those moms who turned down your invitation to hang out and your playdate request! WTF! You are like the coolest mom in Newport Beach and they are TOTALLY missing out on the chance to become your friend. Shame on them. I can't even imagine saying "I don't think so" to you. Makes me gag thinking about it. So sorry that happened Jill - you just haven't found your tribe yet - but you will, I'm SURE of it!

Kat said...

Whew! That is so much better. I can't tell you how much it bothered me thinking that someone could have stolen your dear girl's shoes. I'm so glad it was just a misunderstanding and that they were returned. :)

Faith restored. :)

carrie said...

I am not sure where you are living now but I think you are in our area (Falls Church)? Our girls look to be close in age and I would love to connect offline. We are a new FS family serving a 2 year post in VA and I can always use more friends :-). Email me if you like at carriecmsw@gmail.com


Mom24 said...

Oh Jill! What a week. I'm so glad for the shoes, and the buddy situation, and so incredulous and sorry for the rest.

WTH is wrong with that woman??? I'd want to get together with you for coffee, a trip to the mall, hanging out in the park, hanging out at my house, anytime. I can not imagine, in my wildest dreams, treating someone like that. Sorry. Definitely her loss.

The playdate thing? Ack! All I can say is that through many, many hard earned years of experience being a mom, I have learned that some people are good at playdates, and most, aren't. Truly. No idea why. Maybe they just don't see it as a priority, they're busy enough with their own schedules and they just don't see the benefit in worrying about arranging for their kids to play. Maybe that's what happened with her. Sorry though.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Oh my goodness! SO glad about the shoes and MORE SO about the buddy. I am so relieved.

And that other woman. I do not get her. Ugh. I WANT to hang out w you and you are too darn far away (for now!)

Michelle said...

I'm with Anna! I can't wait to have you closer :) Some people! I'm glad some things smoothed out and I CAN'T wait to lock down our little get away! xoxox

OHmommy said...

Ga, Jill. What a week. I hate pretentious moms and their stoooopid answers. You don't need them in your life anyways.

Natalie said...

Man, I would take the doggy diarrhea over the "I don't think so" comment. Excuse me, and begging your forgiveness, but WHAT a bee-atch!!! Nice manners, but on the other hand, not someone you should spend life on. WE love ya.

Connie said...

What a wonderful turn-around! :) Sorry about the doggy poo (time for a new rug :p )! While I can't believe the blunt 'I don't think so answer' ... at least you didn't waste any more time on that one! (her loss!)

Bfiles said...

So glad about the good news. And I am just flabbergasted by the I don't think so comment. WHO says that? And like everyone else, I don't know you but I want to hang out w you!
And the playdate? Well, you just never know what little girls are all about. But I'm sorry.
But how great that something that was sad last week- the buddy- is now a positive. And that that mom was humane and kind and the girls will be likely to be friends in the end. Happy.
And the shoes? Also awesome.
big hug.

Anonymous said...

I have read your blog off and on for a couple of years now - not sure I have ever commented (sorry closet lurker)- I was interested in your India years because I was in Bombay in the 90's for a couple of years. Reading your recent posts has brought up the similarities that I am dealing with once one is no longer an 'expat' - expats just naturally tend to include others - and their kids - and their dogs.. and playdates are hardly ever treated to a "I don't think so .. or ... maybe next month". My daughter misses this freedom.. as do I. You are doing incredibly well managing everything - keep up the spectacular job! Cheers L

Lisa said...

Jill, if you asked if we wanted to play we would jump up and down & say yes! Sorry things have been a little sticky at best lately. So glad the Riley situation is resolved though, and hopefully you're walking around with a new iphone ;)

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I'm so glad that miscommunication was cleared up. Kids can be cruel - but it's usually very thoughtless and momentary - and sometimes (like in this situation) a complete misunderstanding.

I can't believe that someone said they "didn't think so" when you suggested getting together sometime. Aside from being flat out rude, that's bizarre. Especially since you are so lovely. What is wrong with her?

Heidi said...

Yay to the buddy news! That's really great.

Ummm...I can't believe that one of the women you JUST met said "she didn't think so" about getting together. Sometimes I don't get people.

Chiloe said...

I can't believe nobody wants to hang out with you as you seem like a very nice person but I'm not that surprised as it is very hard to make friends in the US. When Ilived there , I met so many people who seemed very nice. We chatted nicely but then nothing happened. I can say I didn't had any friends during the 9 years I lived there. Hope you meet someone whoo will be smart enough to see you are someone very nice. Hugs.

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