Wordless Wednesday

Sitting in the firetruck was a dream come true for Riley.
Getting one semi-decent photo of the three of them was a dream come true for me.


Brooke S. said...

What a great picture. Thanks for all the positive bid list karma!

Kat said...

Oh yeah! I love it!
When my boys were smaller there was a firetruck across the street from our house, and when they saw my boys standing out in front of our house with drool coming out of their mouths they invited the boys to sit in the truck. It was the coolest!!! :)

Christy said...

What a GREAT picture! Love it!

Daniela Swider said...

Adorable picture! The kids are growing so fast, especially Grady! He looks so much like his Daddy!

Emily said...

What a precious picture. I love the three of them together. They are all smiling and everything!

Issa said...

Wordless Wednesday on Thursday? I knew I liked you. :)

Did you see cute firemens? When I took my kids, I didn't see a single cute one. It was like they made them leave that day.

ps. Adorable photo.

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