Week(end) in Review

Since our pack out on Thursday, we've had no shortage of errands to get accomplished. We've been running around non stop like chickens with our heads cut off... and in the process managed to chop a few ourselves.

It all started with Sheridan's Kindergarten graduation that actually happened on Wednesday (though I had no time to write about it, and barely made it there with our pack-out). The four classes got together and put on a beautiful ceremony, complete with songs, hats, and diplomas. It was so sweet that I even shed a tear or three... they all looked so adorable!

On Friday I took Libby for her final vet appointment to get her Health Certificate and all the necessary paperwork filed, in preparation for our departure. Though, just like two years ago in Israel, this final appointment proved just as frustrating, as both the Consulate and the vet were less than helpful in assisting me with this convoluted bureaucracy. Instead of providing detailed guidance, I was merely handed a packet that was supposedly self explanatory. But, as I was I missing a duplicate form with another vet's signature, clearly it wasn't. Additionally, I was also not informed that I'd have to take the dog to a Ministry vet the day before we're leaving country. Normally I wouldn't have any problem with this, if I had known about it in advanced. However, it was sprung on me when I turned in the forms, and I wasn't happy about it. It's really not difficult to understand that when families are leaving post, the last thing they want to deal with are unplanned events that take up hours of their day. This only adds to the stress and completely changes the plans for the day. While I am completely unsatisfied how everything was handled by the Consulate and the vet (who admittedly forgot to provide me with the additional form), the issues have been resolved... at least for the time being.

Along with the vet fiasco on Friday, I also had to take Grady for his one-year old immunizations, get our Power of Attorney notarized, and head back to the dentist for my fifth dental appointment to get the crown on my tooth fit for a queen.

We continued with chaos on Saturday with another visit to the dentist. The girls got their a cleaning, fluoride treatment, and sealants put on their back molars. Sheridan had a wicked meltdown with the sealants, and Riley dry heaved with the fluoride. Oh that was a FUN visit.

Then we had the movers come back for their fourth and final visit to the house, where they picked up all the boxes and sealed them in the crates for their onward destinations. It was great to FINALLY see them go! And as a side note, while I thought that my HHE weight was pretty spectacular, my girlfriend Donna (who has 4 kids and who's been overseas a few tours more than me) declared a contest, and actually came in with even less weight than us. I'm taking notes for our next tour!

Saturday night we had dinner with friends. And today, well... we had another special lunch.

We're now entering our last week in Chennai. Four days and a wake-up. So close ... I can almost smell the Pacific Ocean.


Robin said...

A birthday in the midst of all this chaos? I hope it was a very sweet one, and one that can be celebrated properly (I'm thinking day at a spa) once you're settled in Cali. Happy birthday my friend.

Daniela Swider said...

Wow, Happy Birthday! Hope things quiet down a little before your departure, so you can get a breather! You are almost there!!!

Christy said...

Oh my gosh you are just so busy aren't you? Only a few more days! Love those photos - that dress is gorgeous and the cake looks delish! Hope your birthday was smashing!!!

Jen said...

Awesome cake...and hope the rest of the week is super easy...you are almost on the plane:-)

Sunny said...

Happy Birthday Jill! I love reading about your pack out adventures. Makes me feel like a spectator enjoying the show when my own unknown drama is a month and a half away. You are a step ahead of me and your blog clearly outlines my to do list (minus dog stuff, hubby forbids pets as long as we are in FS). Good luck!

Mom24 said...

Happy Birthday. Hope it was a good day. Jacob always gags on the flouride too. Yuck!

Sorry about the vet, but glad everything else is progressing.

So...I thought you'd be in DC next? Where might you go after this next year?

Jodie Ansted said...

Happy Birthday!

You are one busy gal. All sounds exciting though!

A Daring Adventure said...

Oh, what incredibly ADORABLE pictures!

Sheridan is the cutest thing!!

Kindergarten graduation... how darling!

And I can't even fathom everything that goes along with shipping dogs hither and yon overseas.

Unknown said...

Was that a birthday cake you tried to slide in there?? Happy Birthday! It'll be a memorable week for sure right?

Wait until you do dentists visits back in the US. They do the flouride in the form of a swab on the teeth now (at least at our dentist) no more icky trays of gunk!

Looking forward to hearing you touched down on the proper side of the planet safe and sound!

Bfiles said...

happy birthday! I definitely think you get a less chaotic do-over stateside! The graduation pics are darling. good luck getting it all done.

Kat said...

Oh my gosh!!!! So much craziness!!! It makes me nervous just thinking about all of it. So crazy but SO EXCITING!!!! I am thrilled for you!

And a birthday too!
Happy Birthday!!!!

Natalie said...

Yes, happy birthday from me too! That sealant is great but they shouldn't try to do it all in one sitting. Even the best little kids end up in tears...it takes too long. Best of luck...the Pacific is calling you! I hear the Siren call of Starbucks as well...

Sara said...

Oh the chaos of pack-out. The thought of all those color coded post-it notes I used the first time still haunts me. Congrats on getting your stuff all packed. I hope and pray your to-do list gets clicked off nice and easy.

Emily said...

Happy birthday! I can't imagine one more thing being added to your plate. Really.
I also really hope that you get to the Pacific the ocean smells good, or maybe that is just down here that we get some funky smells when we go to the beach...Okay, so I am sure the Pacific Ocean you smell will be fabulous. I am visualizing a hammock, a drink, and the calming noises of the ocean.

Coco Recommends said...

Gak! Reading your post reminded me of trying to get my kitties out of Israel and the less than helpful bureaucracy and evil-bureaucratic-government man... I swear my blood pressure rose just thinking about it.... *breathe in, breathe out*

Glad to hear all is coming together - safe travels as your move.. And happy birthday!

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