I'm tired. I have serious bags under my eyes. I've been moving along at top speed, and haven't had many opportunities to stop and smell the roses... though I've had plenty of time to smell the river, and let me tell you... I won't miss that smell.

I haven't had internet for the past two days. Which, when you're moving literally halfway around the world, is rather difficult and frustrating when you need to confirm appointments, reservations, and purchase last minute items for your return.

So far this week ...... we've all had TB tests, Grady's had four of his one-year immunizations, I've been to two end-of-the-year pool parties and one 'author's reading, bought the teacher's gifts, went to lunch with girlfriends, I had my final school board meeting, done a ton of last minute shopping, went to Matt's Hail & Farewell at the Consulate, and I've been met with every obstacle regarding our internet, pet export, car retrieval from the Toyota dealership, new mailing address, and pack-out. Can someone please stick a fork in me?

To top it off, Grady is now walking. Full on robot walking. The joys of a 29 hour trip home with a little boy who does not want to be confined to his seat. Awesome! Oh, and we've been packing. Lots and lots of packing. Ten bags worth of packing.

My break is over ... back to the grind. 24 hours until we leave for the airport.


Christy said...

You are awesome and you can do this! ONLY 24 hours left and you'll be flying overhead - I'll wave to you! I'll sing to you - SEE YOU IN AUGUST JILL!!! Yippee!

Hope your internet is now up, or better yet, hope you sleep as much as possible before heading out - with THREE walking kids! Yikes! You can do it!!!

Shannon said...

I hope the trip goes well and you get some well earned rest soon. I do not know how you do everything you do.

Bfiles said...

24 hours- you are almost there! hang in there; safe trip "home."

Mom24 said...

I'll be thinking of you. I hope this leg of the trip goes as smoothly as possible. No, being on a plane with a baby who wants to be down and busy does not sound fun. Benadryl? Good luck.

I can't find my blog said...

Hang in there! Cali is waiting for you! When you're over the jetlag let me know and we'll meet you and the kids at the beach!

Lisa said...

Hope it was/is as easy as it can be. You are a rock star - and soon you'll be a rock star in California :)

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