Name That Rash... PLEASE!

So here's what we know about Grady's never-ending rash. It's absolutely environmentally related. That's the only thing I'm 100% sure about.

It started about three months ago as a light rash around his left eye. A couple flesh colored raised "dots" that looked like milieu. Then it spread to his right eye.

A few weeks later it migrated down to underneath both his eyes and a little on his nose. This is when I took him to the dermatologist, who insisted it was sebhorreic dermatitis. He gave him some Nizral cream for his cradle cap, and said that once that was gone, the sebhorreic dermatitis on his face would go away as well.

Ten days later I brought him back to the dermatologist with a cradle cap-free head, and a face that looked like a twelve year old boy's. While the head got better, the face got worse. And then he changed his mind, said it was a "fungus" on his face, and prescribed a fungal cream to use for a week. He still insisted it was sebhorreic dermatitis, and said that by the time he's 6 months old, it'll go away.

Now we're almost three months into this rash. Grady is close to 7 months old, and it's as bad now as it's ever been. It's predominantly under his chin, but it's also on both sides of his face, under his nose (though it's exacerbated today because he's had a runny nose for the past week), and occasionally migrates back up towards the eyes. The fungal cream worked for a few days, but the rash never completely went away. It's gone down, it's flared up, it's faded, it's come back with a vengeance. There's no rhyme or reason why he gets it, and Grady's poor little face never looks 100% clear.

Until we went to Bangkok.

In the four days we were there, his face entirely cleared up. I thought maybe we turned a corner and we passed the imaginary six month hump when his face would magically clear up.

And then we came back to Chennai, and by Tuesday his face was horrible again.

I know now it's something here. But what is different here than in Bangkok?? Nothing has changed.. he's still teething, he still drools. It's not the detergent or his whole body would be broken out (not to mention it's environmentally friendly and has no chemicals in it). I've been on a cleaning frenzy since Tuesday washing his sheets, crib bumpers, all blankets, fabric toys, bouncy seats, anything he could possibly put into his mouth.

We have an appointment with a different dermatologist on Monday. Any suggestions on things to try, things to wash, what it could be before then are greatly appreciated!


Ramit Grover said...

Maybe he's just allergic to the pollution in Chennai. Or the dust. Or if your house is in an area where there's a lot of greenery around? I get the sniffles at times when I'm too close to nature on 24/7 basis.

Chiloe said...

The sun? Did he get more sun exposition there than in Chennai? I have sebhorreic dermatitis and I had in France but he cleared up when I moved to Texas . I know sebhorreic dermatitis seems to have a lot to do with lack of sun. Maybe you spend too much time inside? I don't say it is that, just something to think about ;-)

Mom24 said...

Poor little guy. No answers, unfortunately, but he sure does look adorable. I can't believe how much older he's looking!

June said...

Or maybe its the water.
I got severe allergy here in Denmark. Have been told its due to a higher level of chalk the water here and have been advised to mositurised and ummm keep showers minimal.

Christy said...

Wow - the pollution or the water? What would you do then? UGH I feel for you Jill. I wish I had an educated guess but I don't. Let us know how it goes at the appt with the new dr...so sorry to hear about this!

Z. Marie said...

Owen has something similar, although it's more recent and has never been over as much of his face. I haven't been able to get him in to see a doctor, but I'll let you know what he/she says when I do. Not that I think it's the same thing, but you never know.

Tanya said...

How annoying for both you and poor Grady! Im with Ramit maybe its the pollution. We have been told (here in Cambodia by a doc at SOS)that the bacteria that is carried on the airborne dust particles (ie pollution particles) is 'native' to the country you are in because the yucky stuff (read: results of public you know what)is unique to the particular population. So India's is different bacteria than Bangkok. That being said though an antibiotic cream or similar should have cleared it up you would have thought.

Betsy said...

Poor guy! My older son had a rash that looked just like this one. His was only on the face and no medicine would get rid of it. For us eliminating dairy ended it permanently. Could there be something in the food you eat where you live that might have been different in Bangkok?


Sara said...

Do you nurse? Maybe it's a soap you use if you do. I hope you figure it out!

Unknown said...

Good luck... no idea what it could be.. crossing fingers for you!

Robin said...

Is there a food that he only eats in India?

Ramit Grover said...

Just thought of something else to add.

Most houses in India have two different kinds of water supply. One is the one that is sent by the county and is soft water probably from some fresh water river. That one is good for the skin and hair.

The other is the groundwater supply that most houses have of their own. You have a little bore in the ground somewhere in the property that pulls out groundwater of that particular area. This water is hard untreated water and isn't that good for the skin and hair.

Look into this too.

Ramit Grover said...

Yeah and even I have two different water supplies. Just like I told you.

kenandbelly said...

From the places you say he's getting it (eyes, chin, his nose *when he has a cold*) it sounds like it might be something he gets on his hands and then rubs onto his face, which is more sensitive than his hands. My daughter gets a reaction in the same areas that looks very similar. Her's is pretty seasonal, a reaction to pollen/trees, I think. Maybe his is to ... dust? A detergent residue of some sort? Laundry doesn't seem likely as you would have brought those residues with you in your suitcases... Maybe start keeping an eye on various pollen counts and see if you can find a correlation? Does an anti-histamine help?

Teresa said...

I have no idea what it is but I can say that my sinus migraines are definitely confined to Chennai. I can get on a plane with one and instead of it getting worse due to the flying, within 24 hours it's ALWAYS gone. Something in Chennai....I'm betting it's pollution.

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