Latkes and Concerts and Goose Eggs Oh My!

Last Friday I did a two hour Hanukkah presentation in Sheridan's class. Did you know that two hours is a LONG time to fill with 4 and 5 year olds? I read stories, taught them a dreidel song, taught them how to play dreidel, lit the menorah while singing the prayers, and made latkes. The afternoon was a lot of fun, and the kids had a blast. But I was pooped... and exhausted after preparing for the day. But I didn't get a chance to relax...

... because the Elementary School's Winter Concert was right after school ended on Friday. I'm sparing you the 4 min 53 second video of Sheridan signing Save the Earth. Seriously, you should be thanking me right now. Okay, who am I kidding? I'm sparing myself the frustration of loading a 100 MB video onto my blog... which would take hours and hours, causing me angst, agita, and the need to wash my mouth out with soap after I scream obscenities at the internet, which is as slow as molasses in January!

There's not much to say about the concert ... except .... well... there's just not much to say. Both Riley and Sheridan's classes were adorable. The Kindergartners sang two songs; Save the Earth and Santa Clause is Coming to Town. Riley's class sang just one; The Twelve Days of Christmas. Other than that, let's just say that I have nothing to say ... except that I voiced my opinions in an e-mail to the principal and the Head of School. Okay I said it. Enough said.

We had a lazy day on Saturday, and had planned on taking the girls swimming in the late afternoon. That is ... until Sheridan did a header off the last step at the bottom of the stairs, and fell forehead first into the door leading into the living room. Poor girl! She was helping me pick up a shirt that I dropped, and when she grabbed it, she didn't realize that she had two steps to go. Within minutes her head swelled up and we were on concussion watch. We sat on the couch the rest of the afternoon icing her forehead. The swelling did go down by the end of the evening... but her forehead is now a nice shade of pink and purple. Thankfully, they're her two favorite colors!

at the concert ... sheridan on stage

riley with her friends justine and carter

sheridan and her swollen noggin... minutes after head met door


Mommy, I'm Home said...

Ouch! Hope she's OK.

Mom24 said...

Awww, poor Sheridan, ouch! No good dead goes unpunished, huh?

My hat's off to your for filling two hours...that sounds pretty daunting to me. I'm sure the kids absolutely loved it though.

I'm figuring out what night we're going to go all out for our big Hanukkah feast, right now it's looking like the last night's going to win.

Kristi said...

Arnica cream is my friend. Turns a six day bruise into a 2-3 day bruise. We use a LOT.

Ramit Grover said...

Arnica is good. My parents recommend it too. :) That in no way means I am/(was) the fall down the stairs bang my head all the time kid! ;)
Internet in India is slow. Pathetic is the word. In Delhi, Airtel has an option in which I can get high speed for one or two hours when I must upload a lot of data like the 100MB file you were talking about. (Yes, according to Indian internet providers, 100MB is a lot!) The rest of the time you get the normal (toooo slow) internet speeds and are billed for the same too.

But seriously, I'd love to have Comcast internet in Delhi! Sigh, they are fast!

Sorry about Sheridan. Hugs.

Natalie said...

Kudos to you for donating your time to the classroom. I hope my kids will get a chance to learn about Judaism some day...not here, unfortunately, what with the current political climate, but when we are back in the States I hope they will get the gift of learning about other's spiritual lives.

Teresa said...

Did you happen to mention to Barry that none of the "winter holidays" have ghosts, aliens, or bugs in them?

Jen said...

Ouch, hope she is feeling better!

Jen Kumar said...

Hope your daughter is feeling well soon!!
I am intrigued by your story- going to the school and teaching about Judaism. If you get a chance, go to Kochi (Kerala) there is "Jew Town" there. It is now not so populated with Jews, but at one time it was. There is a synagogue there, but not sure how much it's used for spiritual reasons. Lots of tourists go there. There are also few other synagogues like that around Kochi.
If you're so inspired, I would love you to share about your Hanukkah celebrations in India. I'd be happy to also post it on my blog and promote yours! I have yet to explore this side of culture on my blog! My blog is www.alaivani.com (I also have a cross-cultural India America interfaith calendar I keep)
Thanks!!! Happy Holidays!

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