Name That Rash ~ Round 3

We thankfully haven't played this "game" for awhile... though with Matt's parent's coming to Chennai this weekend, it's only fitting that Grady's rash around his eyes should get worse!

Grady has had this rash for about 3 weeks now. It started off as just a minor irritation that I noticed when I picked him up out of his crib after he was crying. A couple of cuddles, and twenty minutes later it dissipated. For a few hours. The next time it came back looking irritated and with raised red dot. Which I only noticed after he had been crying. Give him a few more cuddles, wipe his eyes, wait a little bit and it goes away. Until it comes back with another dot, and a little more irritated... and repeat, repeat, repeat.

I took him to the doctor at the Consulate yesterday, an exercise in sheer futility. After attempting to guess why he has the rash (no it's not because I use give him a bath as I don't wash his face with soap ... no I don't use baby wipes on his face and certainly not near his eyes ... no I don't wear perfume, so clearly there's no scent getting on his face ... no I don't use lanolin on him ... no, the water coming out of the tub is just fine, I don't need to use the distilled water on him...) we concluded that we need to see the dermatologist.

BUT, before I go, I'm showing photos of his eyes just in case any of you can help me decipher what it is and why he has it. The photo on the left is what his eye looked like about an hour after he woke up this morning... about the time the rash starts to go away (for now). As you can see, it's only in the corners, on both the upper and lower lids, and no, it's not a mosquito bite. The photo on the right is his other eye, where a new rash is starting to form. He is 4 months now and he's teething...

Any ideas?


Robin said...

Could it be something he's snuggled up with in bed?

No idea, I hope it doesn't bother him too much. Have a good visit with your inlaws.

Mom24 said...

That is so sad. I hope you can find the answer soon. It looks like it could be really hard though.

Is there any way something could be biting him while he sleeps? Hope you get answers soon.

Brooke said...

Hi Jill. I'm a nurse and I work for an allergy practice, and that looks like an allergic rash to me---something he's coming into contact with, most likely in his bed, since it's most prominent when he wakes up. The most likely culprit would probably be dust mites,which live in everyone's bedding, but it could also be something he's carrying into bed with him on his body--it gets into his bedding, he rubs his face on it in his sleep( like some sort of pollen--I'm not sure what's out this time of year in India). Feel free to email me if you want brooke.rogers@gmail.com Have you tried putting some over the counter hydrocortisone cream on it?

Christy said...

I sent this post to one of my friends who is a pediatrician, and she said she didn't recognize it, but it could just be excema. Hope it heals soon!

Tracy said...

OMG! I got that VERY same rash right below my right eyebrow when I was in india this year. SAME THING! It eventually went away...took about 2 weeks though. Never found out what it was...but we assumed something had bitten me in the nightime while i was sleeping. It will go away...and it didn't hurt a bit!

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