We're Back.... And Getting Ready To Go Again!

What a fantastic weekend we had in Indianapolis. Totally worth the schlepping, the utter and complete meltdowns, and my oldest daughter's latest fears about flying... especially on the puddle jumpers between Chicago and Indy. We ate, we mingled, we ate, we bonded, we swam, and we ate some more. And throughout the eating we even managed to squeeze in a trip to the Indianapolis Children's Museum,Steak and Shake, a Rehearsal Dinner, and even a wedding ... with such a beautiful bride!

The girls had an amazing time hanging out with all their cousins. They were so hyped up that they ate way too much junk food, slept very little, had only 1 vomit incident, and laughed louder than I've heard in a very long time. This weekend was JUST what they needed to keep them going for these last few weeks without their daddy.

We took tons of photos this weekend, my favorite being the first cousins with all their children and our grandfather photo. It was a special time to have us all together again... I can't remember the last time we were or will be again (with 2 of us living outside the U.S.).

There's so much to do this week before we go back to India on Thursday.... from picking up all the things Matt had "fixed" while on this trip, to buying food for our freezer, sending out more thank you notes (yeah... I'm totally behind on them - please forgive me... they're eventually coming!), packing, and of course my procedure tomorrow. A heck of a lot to do in a short amount of time.

So off I go. Wish me luck that we get it all accomplished before Thursday. With any amount of sanity left intact...

The girls in the cockpit. The girls with their cousins at the museum

4th of July at the Rehearsal Dinner

Side View photo of the cousins and their kids.

Left: A photo of a ton of the grand kids and great grand kids.
Right: All the first cousin girls - from youngest to oldest


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful, warm and cozy family!

Hoping that some of that love and warmth carries YOU through to departure day.

Kim said...

Didn't you just have a baby?? You look AMAZING!! Looks like it was a great time.. :)

Mom24 said...

You do look amazing. Congrats.

I'm so glad you were able to squeeze in the Children's museum--you know how much we love it there.

You certainly know how to make the most of your time.

Crystal said...

What fun times! Your family is just so gorgeous!! I assume that is a photo of you, your parents and brothers. How neat to see them all before you head back to India. I am sending many prayers and well wishes your way as you travel with three small kids internationally, WOW!!!

Jill, you just look great and I hope you feel it. May you have peace, paitence and grace to get through the trip back home to Matt : )

Godspeed to India~

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