Things That Make You Say "Oye Vay"

After a super fun weekend with our friends (which was action packed with multiple park trips, the swap meet, and the beach), we're rushing around again... hoping that we can get everything accomplished before Matt heads back to India in two short weeks.

There's a heck of a lot that needs to be done in order to get Grady cleared to travel back to Chennai with us in mid-July. Such as... getting our orders amended to add a layette shipment (which allows us to ship 250 pounds of baby stuff to India on the U.S. Government's dime), getting his medical clearance, his Diplomatic Passport, his Indian Visa, and officially adding him on Matt's orders, which one would think would be easy... though they'd be very, very wrong. Once the above is taken care of, we can take the final steps to get Grady's airline ticket, which will be at the last possible minute. Oye Vay!

In addition to Grady's never ending paperwork, Matt and I have also been shopping 'til we drop for our consumables shipment. We've spent several hours each day in Target, Smart & Final, Pavilions, and Costco... and we STILL need to go to Trader Joe's and make another run or two to Costco. Our pocket book is not happy with us and our purchases have even set off an "fraud alarm" within our credit card company... which you KNOW thrilled me to no end when our card was denied twice due to suspicious activity. Give me another Oye Vay!

On Monday I had an appointment with a new endocrinologist who both my OB and my Hematologist recommended. I wanted to switch over from the thyroid medication I first got in Israel to one they use here in the States. My appointment was at 11 am. I got there ten minutes early to fill out all the new patient paperwork. Then I waited. And waited. And waited some more. At 12:30 pm, I was finally called back into the exam room. As I made my way from the waiting room into the "other side" I thankfully asked THE tell tale question, "How long before the doctor sees me?" The answer? Somewhere between 20 - 30 minutes. I lost it. I grabbed my day planner and my medical files, walked up to the receptionist and told her I was leaving. However, I wasn't greeted with a very kind response. In fact, she was quick to bark at me and let me know that the doctor cares so much for her patients that she gives them all the time they need... and they forewarned me that she often runs behind. I could understand a thirty minute wait, and maybe go as far as 45 minutes. But 2 hours? I didn't even wait for her to check her appointment book, but rather I asked her to please call me when she could find a day when I would be the doctor's FIRST patient. I guess I shouldn't be very surprised that 3 days later I still haven't heard from them. Don't leave me hanging on the Oye Vay!

The worst part of the week was yesterday when Matt went back to the periodontist to have another gum grafting surgery on a tooth that just didn't take. This is his 4th surgery in the last 2 years. Let's hope this one takes because he's DONE! Oh yeah... Matt deserves a DOUBLE Oye Vay here!

On a much lighter note... here are a few photos from the weekend!

At the park. Grady was obviously a bit over bundled!

Before and after photos at the beach.
On the left the girls were dry... on the right is when they decided to play in the ocean
with all their clothes on!

The Gang

Another family portrait


trash said...


Tracy said...


Mom24 said...

Oye Vay indeed. That's way too much to be dealing with. You must be half crazy!

Grady looks adorable and I love those pictures of the girls. I hope the paperwork gets cleared up soon.

I can't even imagine that doctor. Two hours is beyond ridiculous and is completely unacceptable. That's just awful. They should be calling you to apologize...but I wouldn't hold my breath for it.

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, J - seriously on ALL of those issues. And you're still smiling. Bless you!

The doctor - in the US? Ridiculous.

The paperwork - crazy. Did you know of the extra loopholes before you came back to the States or was that a "threw me for a surprise" that you discovered after having the precious one?

Kat said...

What a good looking gang! And a gorgeous family picture! Such a beautiful family you have. :)

Jen said...

Oye Vay is so right!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

Ya'll are so freakin' cute!

The 2 hour wait at the doctor is ridiculous. Both of my girls have scoliosis. And we have never waited for less than an hour for our appointments with him. And we have to be there four times a year. Ugh.

ann marie said...

Hey Jill! I can't believe you have a brand new baby!! I was just thinking about you and wondered if you had had the baby, decided to check out your blog, and saw your precious little guy. Congratulations!!! You and the family look great!

Crystal said...

JILL, you are amazing!!!! I am so impressed by you and learning so much from you : ) Glad to see the sweet pictures of you and your close friends, so neat that they got to visit. Your family photo is just beautiful, nobody in your family takes bad pictures!!! Grady is just a doll!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't envy your hassles! I remember how much fun all that is trying to do everything with a looming deadline.

You look fantastic by the way. I would never guess you just had a baby if I hadn't seen the pregnancy pics!

Cynthia said...

OMG...look at the little peanut!!! You look amazing btw:)

Teresa said...

Grady is SO beautiful, and I love the name too! I'm so glad that you were able to add another child to your family.

Reading your post brought back all the memories of the frantic times of home leave....doctors visits, marathon shopping, paperwork....glad ours doesn't start until July! :) The food makes up for it though....ha ha !

anymommy said...

Aaaack. But, on another note, you are absolutely adorable and so is your family and your new little boy. I will not be looking that gorgeous and together post partum!

Front Studio said...

I love the family picture! I know Rich talked to Matt already but huge congratulations! We can't wait to meet Grady and catch up with you guys, yes hopefully next summer.

Unknown said...

OYVAY! & seriously... could you be a cuter/more beautiful family? I don't think so!

Lisa said...

oye vay!!!
I can't imagine having to do all of the stuff you're doing while transititioning to this three kid deal we're both experiencing. You are good, Jill!
LOVE the family picture though - you guys are all so perfect!!!

MeganMorris said...

Gorgeous family...and built-in babysitters. BONUS!

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