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Our Consumables shipment weighed in at a WHOPPING 1620 pounds. Holy heavy batman! I was completely caught off guard and couldn't believe that our stuff actually weighed this much (considering I had no idea since they didn't bring along their scale). So I told the moving company that I wouldn't approve the paperwork until I physically saw them weigh the boxes. So guess who schlepped the 45 minutes up to their warehouse last Saturday morning to watch them open up the crate and re-weigh the boxes? And who had the General Manager personally come in on his day off to escort me through the building. And who left a stinky diaper in the ladies bathroom - though that was just an added bonus.

Oh yeah... the boxes really did weigh 1620 pounds. Wowsers.

(Photo taken at the mover's warehouse)

After 88 days, the kids and I checked out of our hotel and moved into my in-laws house. Our government per diem had come to an end and it was time to gather, organize, and cram all of our "stuff" into their home until we head back to Chennai next week.

It has been a frustrating 3 weeks dealing with Matt's incompetent and apathetic HR technician in DC, but late this afternoon I finally received the amended travel orders that added officially Grady as another family member, and authorized him to fly back with the girls and me in business class. Without disclosing the upsetting and inane e-mail exchange I had with WAY too many people in the HR department, I ultimately got fed up and sent an e-mail to the State Department Executive Director detailing my plight. Amazingly, within 20 minutes I received a response from him, and less than 30 minutes later I had my amended orders. While the process is far from finished (of course there's more ridiculous paperwork that has to be completed in order to get Grady's ticket), we're at least one BIG step closer to heading back to Chennai.

Amidst the craziness, I had an opportunity to leave the kiddos with my in-laws and go to dinner with a gaggle of Sorority sisters I probably haven't seen in over 10 years. What a hoot to see them, catch up on the past several years, and reminisce about the good old days.

Left: Photo of us from last night.
: Photo taken in 1992 with most of the girlies (courtesy of Facebook)


Robin said...

Glad most of your bureaucratic hassles have been sorted out so that you can relax a bit and enjoy your final days in CA before heading back to Chennai.

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

It looks like you could have sent back more! And I love that you took your plight to the next level. Sometimes it is just easier to deal with the boss!

Crystal said...

I am so sorry for all your HR hassles, I am just now beginning to see what you have been explaining. The Government does move slowly, huh? I am so glad you got to see your Sorority sisters, FUN!! Praying for your transition back to India with three kids, you are truly my hero~

Z. Marie said...

I was thinking about e-mailing to ask whether you'd had problems with HR. Glad it's not just me!

Jen said...

If I ever want anything done I am calling you. I totally want you on my side. You are a wonderwoman!

Mom24 said...

Sorry about the completely avoidable problems. Frustrating!

That's a very big consumable shipment! What are you doing to do right?

I'm glad your in-laws were able to babysit so you got some well-deserved fun in.

Enjoy your last bit of time here.

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