Rock Climbing and Grandparents and Surgeries - Oh My!

One thing is for sure... we'll never accused of sitting around during our limited time in California.

Last Friday I took Sheridan to an ENT to have her adenoids and tonsils evaluated as she's been exhibiting most of the same symptoms Riley did prior to her adenoidectomy eighteen months ago. After a thorough examination and an x-ray of the soft tissues in her face, the ENT discovered that her adenoids are between 50-75% obstructing her breathing, and she'd be best served by having them, along with her enlarged tonsils, removed. Fabulous! We're now awaiting the insurance company approval, which we should have by the end of the week, and then we can schedule her outpatient procedure for the first week of June.

On top of scheduling Sheridan's surgery, Matt needs to have another gum micro grafting surgery to repair one tooth that didn't take during last summer's surgery. Never a dull moment, eh?

My parents and brother Randy came down this weekend to hang with the girlies. It was a whirlwind weekend. On Friday, my mom was schlepped around to doctors appointments with me, while my dad ran around with me to the girls schools, worked a little in the hotel, and spent the afternoon with Riley. Saturday we took the girls rock climbing, an activity that my brother introduced to the girls several visits ago. We found a place to climb nearby our hotel, though it didn't remotely compare to the climbing gym near my parents house. But it was adequate enough, despite my brother not being able to climb himself, and having to belay the girls as they didn't have the auto belay safety system. Like a whiz, Riley climbed quickly and swiftly to the top. Sheridan on the other hand surprised us all, and after a little tentativeness (is that a word?), climbed steadily and slowly to the top. You go girlfriend! After a trip to the park and dinner with my parents and their friends, the girls crashed out.

This upcoming week is already proving quite busy with more doctors appointments, lots of pre-consumables shopping sprees, and actually beginning some preparations for baby Perlman.

For those of you who've inquired about Matt... he's doing well, albeit very busy. He's dealing with household staff issues - including completely firing the maid who after not showing up for two weeks, had the audacity to call and ask him for more money and a letter of recommendation. Oh the nerve. He's also had some car issues, is constantly consoling a very sad dog who clearly misses us, and is trying to get everything in order to fly out here in just 12 short days! We can't wait.

Until I write again... here are some photos of the girls and their rock climbing expedition!


trash said...

I love watching little kids rock (pun unintended) and being brave like that. You go girls!

Anonymous said...

Your girls are so brave. I can't even imagine me rock climbing!

I want to know so bad if it's a Mr or Miss baby Perlmen! Pink or blue pink or blue. Come on ;)

I had my tonsils out at 19. Trust me its far better for her to do it now than later. The older we are the more it hurts!

Good luck with everything!

Mom24 said...

Life's never dull, is it? I hope that the surgery helps Sheridan. So glad it's outpatient, that will be nice.

The rock climbing looks like fun. Jacob's done it a few times and enjoyed it, but Julianna's too apprehensive.

The maid is unbelievable. I can't believe someone would act like that. Awful.

Eleven days!!! Wow. I can't wait to "meet" baby Perlman.

Ashley said...

I've never rock climbed and now I want to. Maybe I should wait after the baby, though? lol

Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

Does that happen to be in Costa Mesa? My son went to a Birthday Party there.

Jill you have been so busy since getting here....you have to be tired.

Hopefully Sheridan will feel better after her surgery.

Tenakim said...

Good luck to Sheridan AND to you!

Shannon said...

Wow! I don't think my girls would even consider trying rock climing!

Being busy makes the days go by faster, right? ;)

anymommy said...

So much fun! Whoo hoo, less than twenty-two days to go. All you need is to get Dad there and you're good to go. I'm excited for you.

Jen said...

that rock climbing looks FUN. Hayden would love it.

Kelly said...

As always your activities put me to shame (and I'm not 30+++ weeks pregnant!)
I am amazed with the girl's rock climbing skills!!

Unknown said...

As always, you AMAZE me...I don't know how you do it...if it were ME...I would be like..."HELLO...I am having a B A B Y..." ( I said that for 9 months...)

Cynthia said...

Wow, look at them go! I would try that...I think?

OHmommy said...

what brave girls going up so high.

can you add me to your email list of people to notify when you give birth? i am dying to know what you are having. seriously. :) you are pretty close now.

Mrs4444 said...

Wow; that's quite a wall! May they attack every climb in life with the same gusto! :)

Michelle said...

Your girls are so brave! Look how high they climbed- I'm impressed!

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