Is It Cliche to Say Happy New Year on January 8th?

After 3 weeks, 4 days, 11,000+ miles, and over 24 hours flight time... we're baaaccckkk!! And strangely enough it feels pretty good to be here. Maybe it's the jet lag talking, or the flu that Sheridan caught that's kept us both housebound for the past 2 days. Either way, we're happy to be reunited with Matt and the doggie, and look forward to getting back into a routine again... at least for the next 11 weeks.

Our trip to the States was FANTASTIC - filled with visits of family and friends. As I haven't sent out any real updates, and I know it would be WAY too long to detail our last 10 days, here are some of the highlights... in pictures!

Hopefully my internet will stay connected so I can send out more frequent updates. Until next time...

By the way, Happy New Year!

December 24th ~ Rock Climbing

Sheridan did much better than last time...

Riley was a champ! She climbed to the top and rang the bell every single time!

December 25th ~ The Feller Cousins Come For a Visit

Noa, Riley, Dara, Sheridan

January 2nd - 5th ~ Off to India, by way of D.C. to Visit Friends From Oman and Israel

Friends from Oman... who we tend to visit every trip thru D.C.

Friends from Israel ... newly posted to D.C.

Virtual Sisters... Neighbors from our past 2 posts in both Oman AND Israel.
The girls have truly grown up together.


Jen said...

I am so glad that you had a good trip and that you are back safely. I was just wondering about you but now I know.

The Mom Jen said...

Looks like a fun filled trip, you look fabulous, here's to a great 11 weeks to baby!

Heidi said...

Fun fun fun! Exhausted Exhausted Exhausted!

Keys to the Magic Travel said...

What a trip! And that picture of all the girls in the tub is great. How much of that water actually stayed in the tub??

Robin said...

Whoa, that's one heck of a climbing wall!

Welcome back my friend.

Mom24 said...

Happy New Year. So glad you had a good time. The pictures are adorable. You look too cute too. That baby's growing. :)

Kelly said...

Yeah, I'm happy you and the girls returned home safely! Happy New Year right back at you!

Love the pictures of your visit...the kids look like they had a great time!

Kim said...

YAH for getting back safely!!!! The pictures look great.. so many smiles. that is awesome!

ps.. you look GREAT!!

Shannon said...

Glad to hear you had a great trip and holiday!

Here's to a fabulous 2009!

Alison said...

I'm glad you got back safely--and that you enjoyed your visit!

OHmommy said...

I am so glad you got back safley and got to so many wonderful people on your way.

I hope you remember that you have "awesome" people in Ohio if you ever need us.

Mrs4444 said...

The tub pic is my favorite; so sweet. Glad you had a safe trip!

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