The Pay Off

My car registration was up for renewal last week, and along with it, the yearly car inspection. While Matt was busy with the Secretary of State visit, I got up early, got the kids off to school, and took the car to the station for it's inspection. Everything went quite quickly, until they made me open up the hood to check the car's pollution output. After almost 10 minutes of "inspecting", they told me that my CO2 and my Lambda were off, and that my car failed the inspection.

"Are you serious?" I asked them in an accusatory tone. "You're honestly telling me that my car didn't pass inspection, yet when I look around half the cars here are being held together by duct tape and bungee cords, and they're passing?" What's wrong with this picture? I was directed to the post office inside where I could get a 1 week extension. Then I called Matt. He told me to take my car to "his guy" who helped get it passed last year.

I drove straight to the mechanic and asked for Aaron, who apparently handles all the Embassy vehicles repairs. Aaron and I talked for a few minutes, he looked at the inspection report, and then he delivered the news that it would about 5000 Shekels to fix it and get the car passed. "WHAT????", I yelled. "That's insane!! You need to talk to my husband". I called Matt on the phone and then handed it to Aaron to come up with a better solution than spending $1200 to "fix" my car. They agreed to have Matt drop the car off on Sunday morning and let them take care of it themselves.

Late Sunday morning Matt drove the car to the mechanic after taking Libby to the vet. A few hours passed and by 3 pm we got the phone call from Aaron letting us know that every thing's been handled and the car is now registered for our final year in Israel.

"Was it fixed", you asked? Of course not. There was nothing wrong with the car - it just needed a little pay off. $90 and some schmoozing took care of everything. Oye, what a day!

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