Yom Kippur

Israel came to a standstill today for Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement. As with every Yom Kippur here in Israel, the country literally shuts down. The holiday is the only day of the year when all Israeli radio and TV broadcasts go off the air. With rare exceptions, cars disappear and the country's roads and highways become eerily empty, used mainly by children on bicycles taking advantage of a rare opportunity to ride in the middle of the street. In fact, the holiday is referred to as the Day of Bikes.

While fasting, Matt and I managed to take the girls on a 3 mile bike ride. We met up with our friends the Steinbach's and the Fleming's, and walked/rode our annual route.

Sheridan, Kit, Riley, and Emily

Gang on the freeway (I took the photo)

A horrible photo of the tired Perlman Family

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Emily said...

Riding bikes on the freeway? That's too cool.

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