We Have/Had Lice..... We Think

It's day #2 at school and we've already had a lice scare. A little boy in Riley's class came to school yesterday complaining of an itchy scalp and "gnats" in his hair. The teacher looked at his head and immediately called his parents and sent him home (with a few choice words to boot). We all received notices that the boy was only in school for about an hour and we should all be fine. Should that is.

Tonight after bath time Riley's hair still looked a tad grainy. I wasn't sure if it was the mounds of sand that she came in contact with throughout her day at school - or if it was the all-to-familiar nits. I called a girlfriend who in turn sent her husband (who's had lice more times than he can remember as a child) over to pick and probe Riley's scalp. Within minutes I got the bad news. It's probably nits. While I wasn't about to take any chances that it may be sand, off I went to the pharmacy to pick up the super fun shampoo and nit remover brush.

I shampooed both girls hair. I had them play in the bath for about 15 minutes while the "stuff" did its magic on their hair. While they were in the tub, I changed both their sheets and towels. Then I rinsed their hair and brushed it out with the fine tooth comb. The girls sat still and were amazing. They didn't cry or complain that I was hurting them. What troopers. In the end the entire process took about an hour after diagnosis. While I could have used that hour to sit on my ass in front of the TV and veg with my husband, I feel good knowing that they have clean scalps and no possibility of head lice.

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