"The" List...

The rumors turned out to be true... the infamous Bid List made its way out into the world of Diplomatic Security spouses. Matt returned home with the list in hand after a long day evacuating more Americans from Gaza. What a good husband - he made a special stop into the Embassy just to print out the list. Of course, I'm sure he was just as anxious to see what was available.

Are inquiring minds dying to know what's available next year? While we won't divulge what will be put on our list now (we don't want the parents freaking out that it could be an "icky-Stan" or another Middle Eastern tour...), we will say that we're definitely looking at some African posts, South and Central Asian posts, and even a few in Central/South American. For those of you who'd like to visit us in Europe... sorry, there won't be any European places on our list. But we're still here in Tel Aviv for another 9-11 months. Make your reservations now - our guest list is rather long!

Wish us luck - this process is nail biting and nerve wracking. We'll keep you posted.

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