Shaken ... Not Stirred.

There was a whole lot of shaking going on tonight in Central America.  Just before 10 pm, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit off the coast of El Salvador, providing a free roller coaster ride for a whopping 20+ seconds.  Too bad the kids slept through it!  Luckily, we are safe and sound ... though maybe a wee bit anxious. 

Now, I am no stranger to these large rumblers.  Despite growing up in Northern California and experiencing both the 1989 San Francisco Loma Prieta earthquake and losing my apartment to the 1993 Northridge earthquake, there's one thing I can say with absolute certainty. 

They never get easier. 

If we're lucky, the only things shaken for the next 2.5 years will be our martinis. 

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Betsy said...

Glad you are all okay. I am not a fan of earthquakes either. Hopefully, they will skip over your area for the next few years!!

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