Lost In Translation

Forgive me hair gawds, for I have sinned.  It's been over 12 weeks since my last hair appointment, and despite not knowing the appropriate Spanglish grammar, I was in dire need of an edgy new 'do.  

However, while there may be "safety in numbers", somebody always has to serve as the sacrificial lamb.  Today ... that was me. 

I dragged two of my girlfriends here to a local salon I had heard about from a mother at the kids' school.  "All the cool moms go there," she told me.  So, of course, I had to schedule an appointment.

My girlfriends were a tad nervous as they both needed highlights / low lights.  They had never had their hair done in an overseas salon.  Me?  I was old hat at this ... having my 'do done in Oman, Israel and even India.  I swore that whatever happened, it would be okay.  It's just hair.  How hard would it be to hide the gray, color my hair the same shade of brown and add a few highlights to spice it up a bit? 

Or should I rephrase the question and ask, "How many TIMES would it take to hide the gray, color my hair the same shade of brown and add a few highlights to spice it up a bit?

Dos veces exactamente.  (the translation ... exactly two times).

I'll admit it.  I'm vain.  I love going to the salon that offers me the cappuccino, iced tea, or glass of wine.  I love relaxing in my chair, exchanging the latest "chambre" with my girlfriends while the lady with the gloves works her magic on my grays.  I love knowing that at the end of my 3 hours in the chair, I'm going to look in the mirror, and like Herbal Essences commercial, shake my head and walk out of the salon looking the age my son thinks I really am.  26, of course.

Instead, I left with the top of my head looking like a price bar code.  Where are those Target self- scanners when you really need them?  It would have read, "you obviously got this dye-job on clearance." 

Over the next few hours I took a bevy of photos for my girlfriends in Virginia and waited for the girls to come home from school to give me their opinions, all while pondering my next move.  Do I take the easy going route and follow my own advice that, "it's just hair."  Or do I make the ridiculously uncomfortable phone call IN SPANISH and make ANOTHER appointment to come back in and fix my tiger striped hair? 

What do YOU think I did?  Does a tiger sh*t in the jungle ... or anywhere else it darn well pleases?

By 5:30 pm I returned to the colorists chair for Round Two.  And by 6:30 pm I was on my way home with nary a stripe in sight.

Crisis averted tonight.

Though tomorrow is my first haircut.  Wish me luck.

 In theory ... Safety in Numbers!

 I spent a LONG time in this chair ... only to see this at the end.

 How I felt after returning to get my hairs 're-did' ...

LEFT:  Yes, after the colorist dried my hair, she wanted to STYLE it.  Again!
RIGHT: The end result. 


Mom24 said...

Definitely worth the second trip. I've had that exact experience and I didn't have to travel overseas! Next time will be easier. :)

mosey (kim) said...

Um. I kinda like the tiger stripes! Edgy. ;) you look gorgeous no matter what you do.

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