Our New Normal ...

After 10 years and thousands of thousands upon thousands of dollars, we have finally entered a new stage in our lives.


On Tuesday, Riley and Sheridan began their first day of school, and yesterday, Grady started Kindergarten.  I could tell you that I shed a tear or three when they all got on that Embassy bus, but I'd be lying.  Yeah, I probably should have been a wee bit sad that my last baby left to spend a full day in kindergarten.  But they are all out of my hair house for nine hours.  NINE GLORIOUS HOURS.  Instead, I did a happy dance.  I showered with no interruptions.  I pooped in peace!

Up at the ass-crack of dawn as their bus pick-up is well before 7 am, the kids can leisurely get ready for school every morning with very little stress.  Why you ask?  Because all they have to do is throw on their ugly school uniforms and away they go.  No worrying about their shorts being too short, if the shirt matches, if what they want to wear is dirty, or if one of the girls "mistakenly" wore the other ones clothes that day.  Nope.  All they need to remember is what day it is, and if they need to wear their formal uniform or PE uniform.  So. Flipping.  Easy.

What I truly love about schools overseas are the small class sizes, and this one is no exception.  Grady has only 16 kids in his class, Sheridan has 19 kids, and Riley's eight different classes vary in size from 8 - 20 kids.  All three kids have daily SSL (Spanish as a second language) and it appears their PE and Music classes are taught in Spanish as well.  By golly, they're going to learn Spanish whether they want to or not!

Hello 2014-2015 school year.  You may have only just begun ... but I have a feeling this is going to be our best year yet!


Riley and Sheridan on their first day.  Riley in her formal uniform.  Sheridan in her PE uniform.

All three kids on their first day.  

 Think he looks ready for school to start? 

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