Going ... Going ... GONE!

On January 15, 2011, we signed on the dotted line and became Virginia State homeowners.  On June 13, 2014, we signed on the dotted line and became homeless vagabonds once again.

So many emotionsSo bittersweet.  So much to say, that is better left unsaid.

Many people have asked how we could sell the house that we custom built ... adding on a beautiful deck, putting in a sprinkler system, picking out a kitchen backsplash, and deciding the perfect colors for each of the rooms.  Honestly?  It was easy, as we've never been tied to a physical structure but rather appreciate the memories we made.  Sure, it was exciting to let the kids pick out their furniture, choose their own bedding, decide what they want to hang on their walls.  But that's superficial.  They've moved around enough to know that wherever we are as a family, wherever we can hang our Mezuzah on the front door, will be our address.  Our "home" will always be where the five of us reside and start a new set of adventures.

The timing was perfect for us to sell and to move on.  We acknowledge Virginia for what it was to us ... the right house .... at the right time ... in the right community. 

But like everything in the Foreign Service, you know when it's time to move on.  And ... It. Was. Time.

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Mom24 said...

Beautiful. I wish you so much happiness on the next leg of your journey.

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