Another Weekend ...

... another race.

Last Saturday it was the 5k Brambleton Ribbon Run.  Where Sheridan and I both had personal bests.

Yesterday it was an entirely new activity for us all.  A FITATHLON.  What's that you say?  Take a look and see just what we had to do! 

The kids run (for 6-12 YOs), which is what the girls did, enjoyed 8 of the 19 challenges. And they finished like rock stars in 25 minutes!  Matt and I were signed up as beginners and we finished strong in under and hour.  I did every activity except for the monkey bars (which were too high for me to reach and a woman was being taken away in an ambulance) ... so I was pretty okay skipping that one. 

In other news ... 

It's been insanely busy here with softball practice and games, school projects, school activities, Matt's Spanish class, working full time, house preparation, and Grady wrangling. 

Speaking of Grady, he had his first sleepover with his friend Kennedy.  They WENT to bed at 8 pm ... They chatted for a long while, told me at 10 pm that sleep was boring, and then finally dozed off sometime close to 11 pm.   Don't even ask what time they got up the next morning.

Last week at G's school was the "Week of the Young Child."  Thursday they were able to dress up as their "dream" job.  Gray went as a Fighter Pilot.  Since he couldn't decide between all of the superheros, he chose a name that encompassed them all.  His 'Call Sign' ...  Marvel.     


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