Girls On The Run ...

... is really a misnomer.  After attempting to actually RUN today's 5k with Riley, but instead getting bottle-necked with the 3500 other people trying to run the course, my friend aptly re-named it, "Girls On The Slight Jog."  And it couldn't have been more apropos.

Riley has spent the last eight weeks training for today's race.  A new sport I had no idea she was so incredibly excited about.  She's trained for an hour a day, twice a week, and has managed to kick some serious tush. 

Two weeks ago, she ran her first 5k with her friends, and finished it in 28:10.  Last week, I did the practice 5k with her, and managed to huff and puff my way through in 33 minutes.  And today, we were both going for personal records, but sadly fell short due to the unforeseen disorganization at the new Girls On The Run location.  Unfortunately, with an insane amount of runners, and a track that was FAR too narrow to accommodate the sheer number of people, nobody got a medal for their speed.  Though despite walking and slowing down a wee more than any of us anticipated, we all finished.  Riley and her girlfriends came in around 33 minutes.  And I followed behind at 38.

Honestly?  I'm beyond thrilled that this advanced maternal age tush just crossed the finish line.  In one piece! 

Now I need to get ready for next Monday's race.  I think we've created a monster!

 Waiting for the race to start

Some of Riley's 4th grade girlie friends

Our school girlies waiting to run

 Do you see the amazing number of people.  This is the widest section.  And I am taking this picture in about the middle of the pack.

 Left: Before the run.  Right: After


Alex said...

Good for you! Looks like a fun event.

Naomi Hattaway @ naomihattaway.com said...

I just found out about this organization. So cool! Unfortunately it's not at the kids' new school in Florida, but I may have to ahem ... apply to bring it there next year!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Way to go, Mama! Margaret has never tried a 5K and I know she'd be so good at it. She is FAST, FAST, FAST. I think TIM will have to do it w/ her, not me. p.s. Saw FB posts from a lot of friends saying the logjam was a pain!

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