So Where Were We?

It's been so long since I've blogged that I've pretty much forgotten where we left off...

Did I tell you about the guy from the Environmentalist Company who came in with his fancy schmancy infrared camera to inspect the basement and see if there was any other mold growth? Only to discover that we had yet another leak in the basement and the entire wall under the guest bedroom had to be ripped out and air dried ... followed on with new insulation, sheet rock, and repainted.

Did I tell you that the Environmentalist Company washed down our entire basement with a mold, mildew, smell remover that they use in hospitals and cafeterias and then used a HEPA filter vacuum in the basement AND ran an industrial HEPA filter with a coal filter on top for four days. Only to have the smell in the storage room come back mere hours after they removed it?

Did I tell you two basement windows had to have all the brick surrounding the window removed, and then re-flashed, re-caulked, and the brick re-installed?

Did I tell you about the illnesses and missing school pictures? Or about Grady eating mud? Or about the 75 tulip bulbs I planted and 15 bags of mulch I just spread around the front yard?

Did I tell you about the girls latest orthodontic visits. Where they had their palate expanders put in? Or how I listened to the girls whine and moan for two weeks about how everything was getting stuck on the roof of their mouth?

Did I tell you about visiting our dear friends in Maryland last weekend? Where we watched these (now) six kids running around and playing like no time has passed between them ... even though it's been over two years since we last saw each other!

Did I tell you that my Endocrinologist got my blood results back and I'm on a new medication. At a lower dose. And I have low Vitamin D. Which I'm now taking meds for as well.

Oh yeah ... and did I tell you that we finally figured out that the smell in the basement has NOTHING to do with the builder or the house ... but is actually the treadmill that Matt bought on Craigslist...

... Yeah.

That's where we are.

Left: Riley, Kit, Gabby - 2004. Middle: with Sheridan - 2006. Right: with Jack - 2008

with Grady - 2011

The girls' palate expanders


Issa said...

You need a month long vacation on an island. Seriously. I wish I could give it to you. Hmmm, I need it too. Ha.

I'm laughing about the smell being the treadmill. It's just sorta funny.

Becky said...

No way. Oh craziness.

Michelle said...

I was laughing through this whole thing... it's one of those, "REALLY!? WHAT else can go wrong here?!?!" kind of posts. You poor thing. I hope things get infinitely better for you.

Mom24 said...

See? Exercise bad! j/k

Wow! How is it that you are not rocking in a corner somewhere drinking from a flask? Good luck. I hope everything gets fixed soon and fixed right. You have had to deal with more than enough.

Ms. Sarah said...

Sounds like you need a vacation. The vitamin d will help. I have thyroid and low vit d as well. Did he check your b12 levels? With as bad as my thyroid was I had issues with the b12 as well.

Hope it slows up for you really soon and you catch a break.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

The treadmill?! Seriously? That just made me LAUGH! How did you figure that out?

Robin said...

It was the TREADMILL???? Oh. my. god...

Betsy said...

I'm still going with a spa weekend to recover. Wow, so the treadmill was what was causing all the stink. On the plus side, at least it alerted you to the mold/leak issue.

We bought our first house in NOVA about 10 years ago. It was a new build with so many of the same issues, but once we got past that, the house was perfect.

Last year we were shocked to find that despite hours outside daily w/o sunscreen plus taking 1000 IU a day (for my little kids, more for me), we were all low on Vitamin D. Our levels are finally coming up and we all feel so much better!

Oh, and as for the mean girls - I so hate that. Really, why couldn't they share with your precious daughter. I often find myself correcting other people's children (I am not always nice). If the parents don't like it, they can pay more attention to how their child/ren behave/s!

Kat said...

OH NO!!!!! Stupid treadmill!!! I bet the fancy smancy environmentalist had a good laugh at that one after all the work he did. ;) Still, all that work and then it was just the treadmill. Good grief.

I am so happy you got your thyroid issue worked out and that you will be feeling fabulous again soon.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you got the smell figured out.

Please remind me should I ever choose to build a house NOT to use your builder!

Stephanie Smith said...

Oh my gawd, are you even telling the environmentalist dude? I'd be so tweaked over that.
And the low Vitamin D thing...yeah. Totally have the same problem. And I'm out on boats. So go figure. I got put on meds for it. Felt like I was walking thru quick sand, no energy, but dragging etc. It's not fun.
Things will only get better from *here* my friend.
Love you.

Daniela Swider said...

Wow, you have been one busy Momma! And OMG, all this effort and time ... and the smell was coming from the treadmill... crazy!!!

Nomads By Nature said...

CLASSIC! All of it! No one could ever accuse you of living a dull, boring life!

So, what did you do with the treadmill? Relist it? :)

Laural Out Loud said...

You didn't mention if told the builders about the moldy treadmill, or if you snuck it out of the house and then declared to the builders that the problem was finally fixed! I would do the latter.

Lisa said...

what do you know - we are the proud new owners of a pallet expander too :) Do you have one of those "Christmas tree" brushes to clean out all of the junk? It works wonders!
Hope things continue to settle down - moldy basement, meds, deck, etc. What would we do if life were just "normal" and didn't throw us so many curve balls?

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