I'm Ready For The Sunshine ... Just Not Blown Up My A**

No worries ... I don't think it'll be happening any time soon by the State Department anyway. Considering Matt's HR tech denied his travel orders once again. Though the reason this time has me shaking my head in absolute disbelief ... for it all comes down to the "title" of his travel orders. Apparently everything in his orders is correct. The itinerary. The dates. The Allowances.

HOWEVER, because the system pulls travel dates chronologically, and we're moving to Virginia before Matthew leaves Iraq, the "title" of the travel orders submitted reads "Newport Beach to DC" vice "Iraq to DC". And they were REJECTED.

This itty bitty date issue is a known-glitch in the system for many employees departing Iraq and as we're discovering completely, entirely, and frustratingly delays the travel order process. Sadly, this glitch in the system won't allow Matt's HR tech to see past the end of her nose and realize that the "title" is merely a "title" and despite us traveling before Matthew, should make absolutely NO difference in the approval process. But what's worse is that we're told that all we have to do is change my travel dates to one day after Matt's so that it re-title's the orders to read "Iraq to DC", and then they'll be approved.

Which is difficult to do while Matt is on R&R.

But let's add insult to injury. Once his orders are issued, we can re-schedule our travel dates as originally planned. FRUSTRATING, eh?

And let's take it to an even crazier level. Like when Matt received an email from his CDA last Thursday telling him not to worry about any of this because his orders have been cut and she'll email them to us. Which she did last Friday. Though they were LAST year's travel orders. Not THIS year's. And after a combination of laughing, yelling, and cussing, we're again back to square one.

Which is NO travel orders. And no authorization to release our storage items from Belgium. And an increased stay in a one-bedroom hotel room with all 5 of us in Virginia as we wait for all our basics to get delivered to our new house.

But in the meantime ... as I wait for someone to blow some sunshine ... I'm actually cr*pping out $100 bills. By the fistful. And there's no end in sight.

New bedding for the girls rooms? Sure ... Pottery Barn here we come.

New eyeglasses for Matthew? Of course! Let's get THE most expensive frames we can find.

New silverware. New dining room furniture. New comforter. New clothes for Matt.

If it's available to be purchased, I've probably priced it out. Or bought it. Because we were just 'making do' and needed these items ... whether we moved into a new house or moved to another overseas posting. Of course, as a government worker, Matt is totally overpaid and we are made of money.

When we're finally close to being done, I'm going to need an enema. So I can stop the hemorrhaging of money on our new house. Or else I'll be moving from the new house to the poor house.

I also need to be ready for the sunshine. Just as long as it steers clear of my a**. I already have enough pain in it.


Jack Steiner said...

Good times courtesy of the government are always pleasurable. ;) Hope things get settled and squared away soon.

Connie said...

As much as I love being in new places, the administrative BS and running around is true hell. Always. Like nobody has ever done it before and the process must be invented from scratch. Again. Grr. Sorry about your butt.

Unknown said...


Ms. Sarah said...

I seriously wonder if at time they find the nearest person from the bar to be the admin person. We have issues with Pauls tdy.

Mom24 said...

Wow. Just wow. So sorry.

Jen said...

It WILL get worked out (if I'm being positive.. :-) and when it is and you are here, we will have one heckuva LNO to celebrate!

Shannon said...

Someday someone somewhere is going to have their orders cut correctly the first time. Now that would be a true miracle! Just hold on to the fact that eventually they will get straightened out and once you are finished you can move into your new home with that beautiful new kitchen! And you can paint the walls any color you want and there won't be any Drexel Horrible ugly furniture anywhere!

Sorry about hemorrhaging money but if it helps at all I am jealous and h***! New bedding, new silverware, new furniture all for a new house?!!! Heaven!

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

Sounds like a huge pain in the patooty!

Noble Glomads said...

Surely we can all get together and do something about "she who shall not be named" ? I haven't spoken to a single person who has had a good experience with her.
Please tell me the house is worth it though as I am heading back to the States to buy one in 7 weeks :)

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